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Shindong still feels awkward around Donghae

Super Junior’s Shindong became a topic of hot discussion after it was revealed that he still felt uncomfortable around a fellow group member.

During the latest recording of MBC’s “Bouquet“, the guests were asked, “Of all the guests here, is there anyone you would like to confess something to?” Shindong answered, “Super Junior memberDonghae.” Despite the long years they’ve spent together as part of Super Junior, Shindong confessed that he still feels awkward when he’s alone with Donghae.

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Jun boldly stated, “I will call all the H.O.T members and we will decide on the ‘H.O.T reunion’ at Bouquet’s confession table.’ Shindong wittily retorted, “Then I will bring Lee Soo Manteacher”, which hilariously caused a flustered reaction from Moon Hee Jun.

This episode of ‘Bouquet’ will air on April 17th.

Source: Newsen via Nate

Korea’s Top 50 Most Handsome Men of 2011


1. Won Bin
2. Kang Dong Won
3. Hyun Bin
4. Jo In Sung
5. Gong Yoo
6. Go Soo
7. So Ji Sub
8. Nichkhun (2PM)
9. Song Joong Ki
10. Jung Woo Sung
11. Jang Dong Gun
12. Lee Seung Gi
13. Yoo Seung Ho
14. Kim Hyun Joong
15. Lee Sun Gyun
16. Song Seung Hun
17. Chun Jung Myung
18. Park Hae Il
19. TOP

20. Yoo Ah In
21. Jung Yong Hwa
22. Cha Seung Won
23. Lee Min Ho
24. Kim Nam Gil
25. Kim Bum
26. Rain
27. Lee Jung Jin
28. Park Yoochun
29. Jang Geun Suk
30. Lee Ki Kwang
31. Choi Si Won
32. Kim Jae Wook
33. Lee Byung Hun
34. Ji Hyun Woo
35. Jang Hyuk
36. Yoon Sang Hyun
37. Minho (SHINee)
38. Eric
39. Kwon Sang Woo
40. Cha Tae Hyun
41. Jo Kwon
42. Oh Ji Ho
43. Shin Ha Gyun
44. Yoo Ji Tae
45. Jung Jun Ho
46. Bae Yong Joon
47. Lee Jun Ki
48. Cha In Pyo
49. Kim Hee Chul
50. Choi Min Soo

source: daum + naver
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110414 Ichikawa Yui, “Lee Hongki’s a Caring Person”

FTIsland’s Lee Hongki announced the official start of his first leading role in the Japanese TBS drama “Muscle Girl”.

Lee Hongki attended the press conference of “Muscle Girl” on the 13th in Japan. He is currently staying in Japan for the filming of the drama.

Lee Hongki said that, “When I first heard that I was being casted in the drama, I felt stressful. But in fact, filming was fun and interesting. I hope to show it to everyone soon.”

His female partner for the drama, Japanese actress Ichikawa Yui, revealed that, “Lee Hongki is making a great progress in his proficiency of the Japanese language. I got a shock everytime I see him. When I wasn’t feeling well, he was worried and showed a lot of concern for me, as if he was the one in pain.”

Lee Hongki responded by saying, “Initially, I thought that Ichikawa Yui’s a cold person but she’s actually a bright and kind-hearted lady. She’s learning the Korean language too and even speaks to me in the language.”

Drama “Muscle Girl” talks about a tough love story between a female owner of a pro-wrestling organization and a Korean star. It is slated for airing on 19th April.

On the other hand, FTIsland will be singing the main theme song for the drama.

Credit: Star News + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)
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Luna alerts fans of f(x)’s teaser release tomorrow

As she prepares to finalize everything for f(x)’s comeback, member Luna reached out to her fans with a new update.

On April 14th, Luna left a message on their official Me2day page and stated, “Everyone, tomorrow is the day we reveal our first album teaser~ I’m excited as well. Please give a lot of love for ‘Pinocchio‘.”

She continued, “Oh, and one more!! I became an MC for ‘MTV the Show‘. I’ll be a Luna that continues to work hard. Please give your love for f(x)’s future promotions.”

Fans commented, “So cute, I wish I had a sister like this”, “Luna always has a beautiful smile”, “It’s so nice to see her working so hard”, and “I hope the official album is a daebak!”

f(x) will be releasing their title track online on the 18th, followed by the album’s full release on the 20th. The girls will be making their comeback through KBS’s “Music Bank” on the 22nd.

Source: Newsen via Nate

Beast/B2st Shock Radio

K-pop super group Beast paud a visit to a local radio show where they performed their hit single “Shock”.

Kyuhyun, the Result of Complete Medical Checkup Comes out !

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun who surprised his fans with his car accident has received the result from his complete medical checkup. The result does not report any big injury.

Super Junior’s management company, SM Entertainment said to TV Report on April 11, “Kyuhyun received bruises on his arms and legs from the accident. He received a complete medical checkup as a precaution. But, no other injury has been found. So, we feel relieved.”
Due to his injury, Kyuhyun could not appear in the musical, The Three Musketeers, which was to be to held on April 8. But the management company explained that he will be able to do his future activity with no problem. Kyuhyun will leave Korea in the middle of April with the other members for Super Junior M activity in China.
A rep said, “even though it wasn’t a big injury, because he has a bad memory from a car accident, he’s currently resting. He’ll be going to the hospital today (11) to get a final medical checkup.”
Previously, on April 8, while on his way to appear in the musical, The Three Musketeers, which was being held at Kwangju Cultural Arts Center, Kyuhyun’s car collided with a truck that was changing lane.
Source: TVReport
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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CHI CHI's contract has a unique clause

It has been brought to attention that CHI CHI's contract has a very unique clause, which has garnered interest. According to their contract, CHI CHI has a "no plastic surgery" agreement.

The seven-member group recently made their debut with "Don't Play Around" and are already scheduled for a comeback in May.

A representative from CHI CHI's agency confirmed this with Newsen on April 11th and said, "If any of the CHI CHI members were to undergo plastic surgery, their contract would be immediately terminated. This to encourage their natural beauty. You can become beautiful through plastic surgery, but we thought about the the future of these kids and believed it is the best course of action if they kept their natural beauty. The members of CHI CHI also agreed that plastic surgery would be a burden. Their parents were also consulted on the clause and everyone agreed it was best to just avoid plastic surgery."

CHI CHI are already emerging as one of 2011 best rookies with their electronica-house music "Don't Play Around."

Source: Newsen

U-Kiss Dongho crying in Gangsimjang – Why?

Seoul, Korea – SBS Gangsimjanga aired on April 12, Dongho revealed that he once ran away from home and hurt their parents deeply and ended up shedding tears.

At that time Dongho was seventeen and suffered from the hectic schedules in his stormy period of adolescence. Dongho often did not show up for shooting, went astray and finally ran away from home.

After running away to Busan, Dongho turned on his cell phone for the moment to check the phone number of one of his friends. Among about 70 to 80 missed calles, one of the text messages caught his attention – his mom’s long text message.

He could not help but read it: “you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but can you at least stay beside me?” Also, that day was his grandfather’s 80th birthday.

He was shaken by the message, and after being hesitant for a while, decided to go to his grandfather’s house. There, he met his mom and felt sorry, who looked relieved although she tried to hide it by looking angry.

Also, Dongho said there was one more thing that still hurts him even now, which was the picture of his grandfather’s birthday not including Dongho, and his mom in the picture forcing a smile, which made him unable to hold back his tear in the studio.

The other guests in the show expressed their regrets at Dongho’s honest confession

On the other hand, he also made a lot of funny comments as well, such as “I think I look old – the seniors around me ask for my consultation when they feel down and feel like running away.”

By Bae Eun Sul (

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean)
Photo from ReviewStar DB
Translated by Yesul Kwak /

[Photo] Minho and Taemin at Converse’s “Moving Custom Studio” 110412

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