Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Dream High" cast to reunite in Japan for a live musical event

Koreaboo recently reported that popular teen-idol drama "Dream High" will head to Japan with the "Dream High Premium

Event 2011," TV broadcasts and DVD releases. Renowned Hallyu actor Bae Yong-joon, CEO/Producer JYP(Park Jinyoung), 2PM’s Taecyeon(lead actor) and Wooyoung(supporting actor) and other stars of the popular Korean TV series "Dream High" will reunite for a large-scale live musical concert in Japan this fall, according to Japanese cable network DATV, which is currently airing the drama.

DATV and Japanese entertainment agency Avex are in talks to hold the live concert, titled "Dream High Premium Event 2011," at the Saitama Super Arena on September 4, 2011. The live musical will feature all the stars listed above as well as supporting actress T-ARA’s Eunjung, lead actress miss A’s Suzy, and solo artist IU. "Dream High" was a hit sensation when it aired in Korea, consistently ranking number one in terms of viewer ratings. Following its initial overseas success when shown to Japanese satellite TV subscribers, the drama will be broadcast on domestic TV channels in Japan at the end of July.

Source: Chosunilbo

f(x) Victoria posts photo of the group in the practice room

f(x)'s leader Victoria has posted up a photo of the group in the SM Entertainment practice room. On June 16th, Victoria updated her me2day account with "We are working really hard for 'Hot Summer,' so please give it a lot of love! We'll meet on you on Friday!" and posted a photo of the group posing together as they threw peace signs at the camera.

The published photo shows the group in the practice room, most likely to practice their performance for their follow-up song "Hot Summer" as they are seen with headset microphones.

Many netizens posted, "They're practicing hard," "Everyone's posing the same," "It's good to see everyone smiling," and "I can't wait for their dance."

f(x) will have their first performance of "Hot Summer" on KBS Music Bank tonight.

Source: Newsen


I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh. But I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry.

“I love you” doesn’t really mean that I want you to be mine. In fact, it’s another way of saying, “I’m happy to see you happy with someone new even if it’s killing me.” So I guess I love you.

It’s so easy to play with love, so easy to fool someone, so easy to make someone cry. But it’s so hard if you’re the one who’s played with, fooled and the one who cried.

It’s hard not to love you, it’s hard not to care and it’s hard to live without you. But I have to try cause it’s harder to bear the pain of knowing you don’t feel the same.

I’ve come to realize that destiny can hurt a person as much as it can bless then I found myself wondering why of all the people in the world I can fall in love with, I fell for someone who can never be mine.

Sometimes it’s hard to say no when you really mean yes, it’s hard to close your eyes when you really want to see, it’s hard to forget when you really can’t and the hardest is to go when you really want to stay.

Once in my life, I met someone whom I loved and cared for. I gave everything, I fought for him. But one thing I forgot to do is to ask if he wanted me to.

It hurts to say goodbye to a person you love knowing that life won’t be the same without him. But it’s better to give up rather than to fight knowing that you’re the only one fighting.

I’m tormented, I’m crushed, I don’t know what to do. I’m confused, I’m lost, I totally got no clue. I know I love you. Yeah, that’s true. But when will you start loving me too?

Sometimes I get so happy being with you that I just wanna hug you. But then I get scared that you will hug me back. And then it gets too damn hard when you decide it’s already time to let go.

I envy the one you love, the one whom you belong to. But I’ve thought much to realize how envious the one you love could get if only she had known that I am the one who can love you best.

I wish you’ve never been so sweet, I wish you weren’t too special, I wish you never became my world. The problem is you are. I wish I didn’t know you and I wish I didn’t love you. The problem is I do.

I pretended to be deaf when I heard you. I pretended to be blind when I saw the two of you. I tried not to get hurt when I was supposed to. Cause when I saw you happy with someone else, I pretended that I was the one with you.

I’m through with sentimental quotes, I’m through with sad goodbyes, I’m through with all the pain he gave me. I just hope I’ll be through with him so everything won’t be a big lie.

Don’t say that I have forgotten cause I still haven’t. As you can see, I’m here again in front of you, bringing you flowers like any lover would do. I like us to be together but you really must wait. For now I can only promise that I’ll be by your grave.

Sometimes I want to pinch myself to make sure that having you in my life ain’t a dream. But I’m also afraid that if I pinch myself, I might wake up and realize that you’re really just a dream.

If I only knew you’d hurt me, I wouldn’t have loved so deep. I would have saved my heart from breaking cause it’s not for you to keep. If I only knew you’d fool me, I wouldn’t have been so blind. I would have opened my eyes to reality and stopped your game in time.

One day, love and friendship met. Love asked, “Why do you exist when I already exist?” Friendship smiled and said, “To put a smile where you leave tears.”

Some people love not really wishing to end up together. Some people leave not really willing to go. I love not expecting to be loved back. I leave not because I know I’ll be followed. I love cause I love. I leave cause I let go.

Do you wanna know the difference between the two of us? I trusted you that’s why I held on. I loved you that’s why I let you go. But you? You just left me without any valid reason.

I broke somebody’s heart today. I said I couldn’t stay. I said I love somebody else and he let me have my way. I told him I couldn’t love him back although he’s sweet and true. I was being unfair to him cause I had been wishing he was you.

Three words I wish to say, three words that might scare you away. Don’t you know those three words describe who you are to me? But probably right now those three words that I wish to say are the same words you said to her.

MBLAQ to have their first solo concert "MEN IN BLAQ"

With MBLAQ garnering considerable success with their Japanese debut, and with member G.O. to release a solo single this month, their company J.Tune will be continuing their success with the group's first solo concert.

Entitled "MEN IN BLAQ," J.Tune has said that the show will be a, "memorable event where you will see the five men open up their wings and take flight to the rest of the world. These are the reasons why you must see MBLAQ’s first ever concert, ‘MEN IN BLAQ’ this August.”

The concert will take place on August 20th at the Jamsil Gymnasium, with ticket prices being as follows:

- Standing Space: ₩ 99,000
- Seating Space R: ₩ 99,000
- Seating Space S: ₩ 77,000
- Seating Space A: ₩ 55,000

Tickets will be available from Interpark starting on June 21st, at 8PM KST. Will you be attending?

Sources: MBLAQ, @jtunecamp0625 and soompi


If I count how many times you’ve crossed my mind in my entire life, I’d be lying if I say it was too many. Cause you only crossed my mind once. Why? Cause you never left it!

If I could reach up and hold a star for everytime you’ve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.

Who would have thought that you were once just a stranger who used to pass me by without even saying hi, when now you’re someone with whom I share the best moments of my life?

I saw you in a crowd, my eyes were set on you. It was like no one else was there, just us two. Could I be dreaming, could all these be real? Am I really feeling what I’m not supposed to feel? I can’t believe it, could this be true? Could this be that I’m falling for you?

Never lose hope on the person you have chosen to love. If he would always be the reason why your heart aches, who cares? He’d still be the very reason why your heart beats anyway.

If my heart breaks into a million pieces, I want you to have every bit of it. Then I’ll ask you to scatter them across the sky. There they’ll turn into stars so everyone could see how much I love you.

You think I’m strong? Well, though I seem to be tough, I’m afraid of one thing. It’s realizing that I’ve lost the person whom I gather strength from. So don’t ever go. I’m not that strong.

If ever I was given the chance to start my life all over again, I would rather not accept it. Why not? Who knows? In that second start, I may not have known you at all.

I’ve honestly tried to let you go, I’ve honestly tried to forget you, I’ve honestly tried not to think of you but I honestly can’t cause I honestly don’t want to.

I’m afraid to close my eyes cause I might think of you. I’m afraid to open them cause I might see you. I’m afraid to move my lips cause I might speak of you. I’m afraid to listen cause I might hear my heart falling for you.

I’m so shy to tell you this, that I’m so in love with you. I’ll not ask for anything else but for this one thing. Remember, this is not just a quote.

If you find yourself in a dark room, walls around you are red and blood comes from everywhere, don’t be scared. You’re inside my heart.

Sometimes, it’s hard to find words to tell you how much you mean to me. A lot of times, I don’t say anything at all. But I hope someday, you’ll understand, having you is what I live for.

Life is not a series of meaningless accidents. When things are bound to happen, they surely will. You are not an accident and I was meant to know you. That’s serendipity.

One night, the moon said to me, “If he makes you cry, why don’t you leave him?” I looked at the moon and said, “Moon, would you ever leave your sky?”

I have smiled to many people for more than a billion times but when I first saw you, my heart took over and smiled for the first time.

If you hide, I’ll seek for you. If you’re lost, I’ll search for you. If you leave, I’ll wait for you. If they try to take you away from me, I’ll fight for you. Cause I never want to lose someone I love.

I know your life can go on without me, that you can be happy without me, that you can survive without me. But even if you turn me away, I will still choose to stay with you and be your sweetest stranger forever.

I don’t know why I keep on loving you despite the fact that I’ll get hurt again just like before. I never learn cause I don’t want to. Not now when I’m still strong to fall for you over and over again.

If I can just make everything fall where it should be, I would. If I could make life better for you, I would. But I can’t. All I can do is to let you know that mine has been better because of you.

Cookie Monster said, “Sometimes me think what is love. And then me think love is what last chocolate cookie is for. Me give up the last chocolate cookie for you.”

One day you’ll ask me which is more important to me, you or my life. I’ll say, “Of course, my life.” And you’ll go and walk away without even knowing that you are my life.

When I was walking alone, I wished that I can reach the end of the road. But when you walked with me, I wished the road would never end because I would rather be lost with you than reach the end without you.

If you’re leaving, take me with you. If you’re running away, take me too. If you’re jumping off, hold my hand as you do. I love life but it’s worth losing if I lose it with you.

I want to scream, I want to shout, I want to have faith and never doubt. I want to bend, I want to break, to sleep and never wake, to break down walls and to escape, be alone and hide my face. I want to feel, I want to touch, I want to stop wanting you so much.

I don’t want to put on my mind that someday, I’d have to see you walking away from me. But before it happens, I just want to clarify something. You may go. But I’ve got no reason not to follow

B1A4 is a group of "countryside-dols"

Recently, the K-pop music industry has seen many groups whose members are not originally from Korea. "Global-dols", which includes f(x)'s Victoria and Amber, is an abbreviation for "global idols". Their ever-growing presence in the K-pop world indicates the tendency of K-pop towards the international scale.

Members of idol groups typically do not hail from the countryside. All of the boys in B1A4, however, do. Quickly gaining attention for their charm and friendliness, the boys have earned the nickname "countryside-dols".

The boys have stated, "Although we don't have members who are fluent in foreign languages, we are fluent in various Korean dialects." While their looks are polished, the members' everyday conversations reveal their original dialects. "If you listen to the members converse, we sometimes express the same words in different forms according to where we're from. We call it the 'dialect game.' We play it on the way to the way to our schedules or in the waiting room. It's a pity that we only play it since it's fun."

They continued, "If we have the chance, we hope to show it to others," revealing their pride in their hometowns and their status as "countryside-dols".

CNU and leader Jinyoung come from Chungbuk Chungju, Sandeul is from Gyeongnam Busan, and Gongchan and Baro were originally from Jeollam Gwangju. They were empowered by the warm welcomes given by their hometowns even through their tiring schedules. Company representatives expressed their gratitude for the fans who "greet the members more enthusiastically whenever B1A4 visits their hometowns," since the boys had left their hometowns to live in the dormitory. "Ever since they were trainees, it has been difficult for them, as they miss their parents and friends. But we are proud to see how they each beared with it and worked toward the bigger dream in their hearts."

Source: TV Daily and FLIGHTB1A4


The greatest pain in life is to be ignored, to lose the person you love to someone who doesn’t care at all

Be careful to whom you give your heart because when you give your heart to someone, you’re not only giving that person the right to love you back but also the power to hurt you.

Every teardrop is precious so better make sure that if you drop some, it’s worth crying for you can never pick them up and put them back to your eyes.

Telling someone how you feel does not hurt as much as not saying anything at all to that someone who is deeply in love with you.

The heart hides what you can’t say but the eyes say what you try to hide.

The greatest mistakes we make are the risks we don’t take. If you think something will make you happy, go for it so that you won’t live your life asking, “What if?” and telling yourself, “If only.”

Sometimes no matter how secure you are in someone’s arms and no matter how tightly you hold this person’s hand, you’ll find yourself falling dangerously fast in love with someone else.

Losing the one you love hurts. Some people may say that you’ll get over that person easily but in reality, it’s not. Especially when that person you love is the only one you ever did.

The face can speak a thousand emotions but it can easily mask what the heart truly feels. Don’t be fooled for the happiest face may be masking the most hurting heart.

It’s painful to see whom you wish were yours happy with someone else but there is nothing more painful than the sight of someone whom you wish were yours crying for someone else.

The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn’t want to be held on to.

It’s hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does.

The problem with boys is that they make you believe they love you even when they really don't. The problem with girls is that they make you believe they don't love you even when they really do.

There are three special people in our lives. People we love but have to hate, people we hate but can't live without and people we can't live without but have to let go.

Goodbyes make you think. They make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost and what you’ve taken for granted. They make you realize that sometimes there are no next times, no time outs and no second chances

Sometimes your mind doesn't want you to be in love but deep down you know you are.

Relationships are like broken glasses. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than hurt yourself by trying to put the pieces back together.

It hurts to be left alone by someone you love. It hurts to love someone who can't love you back. But what hurts the most is to end a relationship that was never even destined to start.



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Astro Hitz launches K-Pop Hitz Talent Show! (for malaysian)

Astro Hitz (CH705) collaborates with Korea Tourism Organization to bring Malaysians K-Pop Hitz Talent Show. Die-hard K-Pop fans can do more than just watch, but be part of the ultimate K-Pop experience. Fans can boast their K-Pop talent with the K-Pop Hitz Talent Show auditions which kicks off June 18.

Hosted by the charismatic Jehan Miskin, K-Pop fans can anticipate a full hour of pure K-Pop entertainment with tribute of fan renditions of their favorite K-pop superstars such as Rain, Super Junior and 2PM.

Budding K-poppers are encouraged to pre-register for auditions now via to save time while awaiting their turn at the auditions that kick off on every Saturday starting June 18 until July 9. Groups consisting of a maximum of five members or soloist can also register in person at the auditions.

  • Audition 1: Saturday, June 18, Wangsa Walk
  • Audition 2: Saturday, June 25, Berjaya Times Square
  • Audition 3: Saturday, July 2, The Curve
  • Audition 4: Saturday, July 9, SACC Mall, Shah Alam

*all audition slots start from 9a.m. onward

The auditions will see Miskin in his wicked K-Pop vehicle to seek the best K-Pop renditions across Klang Valley. Each contestant gets five minutes to strut their best to a judging panel consisting of entertainment professionals, who will pick the top two acts of the day. Four weekends, four locations, only eight will succeed to mimic every glittery step of their Korean superstar sweethearts to be the ultimate K-Pop Hitz Talent Show champion at the final on July 15 in Dragonfly, KL and walk away with a 4-day, 3 night all expense paid trip to Korea and perform live at the Lotte World Theme Park in Korea.

For the K-pop fans who are anticipating travelling trips to Korea, KTO will be setting up a tourism booth at each of the audition. Informative and colorful booklets, maps and brochures will be distributed for free to be grabbed.

Catch K-Pop Hitz Talent Show every Thursday, 3:30p.m. from June 23 until August 4 on ASTRO HITZ (CH 705). The program is in English and can be viewed by ALL Astro subscribers.

Visit for program synopsis and schedules. For more information on 3“K-Pop Hitz Talent Show” and Astro Hitz, please visit

Astro Hitz Channel Manager, Cheong Cheng-Vei (L) and Managing Director Korea Tourism Organization, Yun Jae-Jing hitting the traditional Gong to symbolize the launch

Top 5 Finalist of KTO KL’s Korean Wave Contest 2010, Ruffneckz showing off their best moves to SHINee’s Lucifer

K-Pop Hitz TV Talent Show host Jehan Miskin with the wicked K-Pop Hitz TV Talent Show audition vehicle

random pics :) part 1

ZE:A's Dongjun

SUPER JUNIOR's Siwon and donghae with SHINee's Minho

- GNA -

- B2ST -


MBLAQ's Lee Joon

FT ISLAND's Jonghoon

B2ST's Yo Seob

SHINee's Minho

- B2ST's Dongwoon and Junhyung -

- SNSD's Taeyeon -

- SHINee -

- B1A4's Jinyoung and Baro -

[eng] SHINee Name Card Game vol1 & vol2

SHINee Name Card Game Vol2

Block B and B1A4 to star in new MTV show "Match Up"

It has recently been revealed that MTV will be launching a new idol reality show called “Match Up” on June 22nd. “Match Up” will be a reality program that features the rookie idol groups Block B and B1A4, two groups that have been receiving a lot of attention since their debut. It has been announced that the series will have an estimate of eight episodes. It will feature both groups at their music video shoots, practices for music program schedules, and their performances. In addition, the boys will have to complete various missions. Viewers will also get a peek into the daily lives of the two rookie groups.

Block B, who is currently hosting another reality show of their own on MTV, originally caught the attention of fans because they wereproduced by the hip-hop artist Cho PD. They entered the scene with their single, “Wanna B,” and released a music video for “Don’t Stop”. They gained further attention through their skills in writing, composing, and producing; it was said that as trainees, they were expected to write over 100 songs by themselves. Cho PD has also claimed that he didn’t edit any of their debut songs. They will be making their comeback on June 23rdwith a new album, music video, and CF.

B1A4 debuted in April with their mini-album, “Let’s Fly,” and title song, “OK.” The group gained immense popularity even before their debut, through their unique introduction of the members, Jinyoung, Baro, Gongchan, Sandeul, andCNU. Their growing popularity was further displayed after the release of the MV teaser for their title song which caused their homepage’s server to crash. After their debut, they caught the attention of the world with their “flower boy” image and boys-next-door concept, garnering B1A4 many “noona fans.”

Are you looking forward to watching the new series? What kind of information do you think the series will reveal about Block B and B1A4?

Source: FlightB1A4 and Osen News

credit to koreaboo

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