Saturday, December 31, 2011

B2ST expresses their gratitude on Twitter

Idol group B2ST won the Song of the Year award at the 2011 KBS Music Festival on December 30th. With their recent triumph, each member expressed their gratitude through their personal Twitter accounts.

Ahead of the B2ST members tweets, their manager Choi Jin Ho posted a few pictures saying,

“Wow so happy I could die!! Celebration! The golden trophy“

Soon after Doojoon tweeted,

“Oh my god…..,, B2UTY you are the best…… Truly..“

B2ST’s youngest member Dongwoon then tweeted,

“I feel like I’m going crazy. I can’t seem to calm down yet. Truly, thank you so much… I promise to repay you. I love you B2UTYs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ Also, Kikwang-hyung congratulations on your rookie award!!!!!!! Ah I keep crying ㅜㅜ“

Following Dongwoon, Yoseob tweeted,

“Ah… I am always so happy thanks to our B2UTYs….. Thank you…..Aigoo…ㅜㅜ I will work harder!!!!!!! Going to rehearsal with a happy heart!!!!! I love you B2UTYs♥“

Rapper Jun Hyung tweeted,

“Ah… I’m still dumbfounded… Thank you so much B2UTYs… I said, thank you very much B2UTYS.. Like I said, really, thank you so much B2UTYs…

Wooshin-hyung and Tiger-hyung need to be congratulated too!!! hehehe“

The “Troublemaker” Hyunseung tweeted,

“Thank you so much to the B2UTYs that let us win this year’s song of the year award. We will show better performances and better songs. Have a happy new year!!! ^^“

Lastly, Kikwang tweeted,

“I really feel like I’m going to go crazy……. I really want to thank you to each and every one of you……………. I can’t seem to figure out how to express how I feel right now…. I love you x 23334959564616298664434686834646“

they're also made a video for beloved b2uty :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

College or No? High School Stars' Ideas About College

Every year when November comes to a close, high school senior (3rd year in high school) stars debate whether or not they should apply for scheduled or unscheduled admissions to school. The 2012 College Admission Exam will take place in two days, and among the student pool are stars who are opting out of it.
Everyone has a different view on whether or not stars should go to college after high school. Some netizens commented, “It would look better to see them try when they actually can and want to rather than going with the crowd on this matter,” “The attitude towards the mock test is changing, it seems,” and more.
I won’t be taking the mock test…I’m focusing more on my career currently
Yoo Seung Ho and IU put off the Mock Test and unscheduled (rolling) admission to school, delaying going to college for a bit. As they are very popular, rumors went around saying that they will be going to college. However the two busy young stars decided they wanted to focus on their careers, Yoo Seung Ho with acting and IU with singing.
T-ara’s Ji Yeon and Five Dolls’ Hyo Young also revealed that they will not be taking the mock test.SHINee’s Tae Min’s final decision was not to take the mock test either. His party has claimed, “Tae Min won’t be taking the College Entrance Exam because we decided that he wasn’t ready to take it.”
Girl group A pink’s Jung Eun JiYoon BomiInfinite’s Sung Jong have also decided to continue their music career as opposed to applying for schools. Kang Seung Yoon also proposed his thoughts on it through his company, stating that he will not be applying for school in order to focus on filming "High Kick 3" and preparing to debut.

Admitted through rolling admission — I am a college student-to-be
f(x)’s member Luna and actor Lee Poong Woon were admitted to Joong Ang University through rolling admission. Teen Top’s Chun Ji has applied to a school on rolling admission as well. If he is admitted to that school, he will be a college student without even taking the mock test in the upcoming year of 2012. According to Joong Ang University, Lee Poong Woon and Luna passed the art department audition. However, Lee Poong Woon was not able to audition with Luna for the first audition because he got into an accident the day of. He gave up on auditioning for the first audition but passed the second audition.
Lee Hyun Woo, who well appealed to the audience with his cuteness on the KBS drama “God of Study,” was accepted into Dong Gook University’s theater department. The contracting party said, “After turning in the documents and interviewing, he was accepted. Because he was accepted into the department he always wanted to be part of, he was and is very happy about it.”
High school seniors face different decisions in their lives regarding schools. The new trend or bold decisions, however, are definitely catching the attention of fans and audiences.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brian Joo and Alexander return from their Malaysia trip + info on their future plans

On October 18th, Brian Joo uploaded the picture above and tweeted, “Pic of me & @alexander_0729, after returning from our Malaysia trip yesterday~”.
Consequently, their Malaysia trip was successful where many fans were moved by their sweet personalities or touched by the message they were bringing about Christianity.
During their fan meeting Brian and Alexander sang “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls, danced, fed, and even gave personal gifts to some lucky fans (which included cross necklaces).
Also, Brian and Alexander updated their fans regarding their future plans. Brian is currently working on his next single and in November will appear in a Korean sitcom playing a funny character. He stated, “(I’ll be playing an) older, goofier version of Brian“. As for Alexander, he is in Korea preparing for his solo activities. Stay tuned for news and updates about the two.
You can watch a recap of their ’3rd Wave’ events below:

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Friday, November 4, 2011


Drama, Romance

* Mario Maurer - Shone
* Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol - Nam
* Sudarat Budtporm - Inn (Teacher)
* Peerawat Herapath - Phol (Teacher)
* Pijitra Siriwerapan - Aorn (Teacher)
* Acharanat Ariyaritwikol - Top
* Kachamat Pormsaka Na-Sakonnakorn - Pin

The movie is all about puppy love. Nam (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol), a young and ugly girl had a huge crush with Chon (Mario Maurer), the school’s heartthrob since her freshmen year. With the help of her supportive friends, she somehow got the chance to have some brief, close encounters with her knight in shining armor. It was not an easy road for Nam, though. Some girls were more beautiful and more talented than her. She thought that she will have no chance to be with Chon. Eventually, she grew up and became beautiful and discovered something more about Chon.

The movie is a great combination of laughter and tears. I definitely had a good laugh on the first half of the movie but as the movie progressed, especially on the 7th part of the movie, I shed a tear because the scenes were really heartbreaking. I thought Windstruck, A Moment to Remember and Hachiko were the only three movies made me cry. I was wrong. Even if the plot formula is similar to some romantic movies, like the I-should-have-told-him/her-I-love-her style, it will definitely leave a mark to the audience, regardless of the age.
Plot Outline
The ordinary 14 years old girl name Nam. she's unattractive or simply called... the ugly! But she had secretly in love with older guy in grade 10 name Chon, a most popular student in high-school. He's hot, perfect and generous. That's make girls in school going crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn't give up easily. She tried do everything to made her pretty good and outstanding in school. Because she hopes him turned around at her just once more time.









i love this end !
(o‿-) mmuuaaccxhh!

Mnet Live 2011 in Malaysia

assalamualaikum and hello!annyeong all :)

read the title above,,,

and the reaction is.........

+what?is it true?+
+oh yeah?i love it+
+wahawah!!i want to go+
+ i can't believe this,,yes!+
+ahh!i can't go+
+ohh,so pity that i can attend this +


Mnet Live 2011 in Malaysia

date:Saturday(3 December 2011)
venue: MBPJ stadium
artist Miss A , f(x) , B1A4 , Super Junior

and this is Mnet Concert Seating Layout

s0,,what are you waiting for??
rock the concert!
to Miss A,f(x),B1A4 and Super Junior's fans!
let's make it awesome :DDD

P/S: it's so sad that i can't go there :')
i'm on exam period that time..
for SPM candidates!let's pray for our success! :)

more info :

Friday, September 30, 2011

when SM Entertainment’s handsome “Kyu-line” meet up

The members of the handsome ‘Kyu-line’ from SM Entertainment recently got together.
On September 5th, Kyuhyun tweeted, “The legendary Kyu-line met up once again after a long time..”and uploaded the above picture.
In the picture, Kyuhyun poses together with SHINee’s Minho and TVXQ’s Changmin. Because the three men are known for their good looks in their respective groups, it seems as though the picture shone through even more.
Netizens commented, “I didn’t know that SM’s good looking guy line meet up through Kyuhyun“, “It’s more like a painting than a picture“, and “Now this is eyecandy“.
credit : allkpop

Friday, September 16, 2011

Adi Putra,the math genius Malay boy

Child genius Adi Putra Abdul Ghani, 12, a mathematician whose ambition is to become Professor in mathematics learnt the multiplication table in a week when he was just three-and-a-half year's old;he's created 235 new formulas to date,12 of which have been published in his  first book titled "Seni Matematik Islam" and, he mastered algebra when he was six.

But Mathematics isn't the only thing this boy wonder is good at.He also speaks eight languages.*shock+proud*
At the age of eight,started studying for his GCE A' Levels.He abandoned that when the governing board told him he would be too young to be recognised for his achievement,even if he did past the exams-they are actually taken by 18-year-old.

Adi : On math, I want people to think of math like art-easy,fun and fast.When I look at a problem,I can see a path to the solution.It may not be the same formula that is taught in schools,but that is the best thing about math;
It's all about how you get to the answer

Adi : I want to be the ruler of the worldo I can declare world peace! There are just too many people dying,I would build a satellite with a password that can't be hacked so that we can all use it to communicate.

(Seni Matematik Islam)
Adi : I took a month to write the book. The mathematics formulas that I have created are easy to understand, both for kids and adults. When everyone knows the easy way to learn mathematics, they will become interested and later become proficient.

Adi Putra, an expert in Algebra, Trigonometry and Indices that even teachers were said to refer to him when faced with mathematical problems, has received numerous awards like Mathematics icon from Jabatan Matematik Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia 2006, Tokoh Matematik Islam this century from Universiti Riau, Indonesia in 2009.

p/s : again,,i'm proud to be malaysian !! :) 

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B1A4 are my Beautiful Target !!

assalamualaikum and hello guys,,! annyeong :)
you're excited,right!??you know what i'm talking about right!??

hahahahahaha!of course~
their comeback!

Check It Out :
 love this epecially the bloopers one !i can't stOp watching
it awesome and pretty fun to watch right!??
that was so epic 

music bank comeback stage :
om0!even their stage performance were awesome !
| i like it like it like it | i like it like it like it |

selamat hari malaysia

i know it's kinda late ^^"
tapi biar lambat asal selamat asal sempat !! :)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

YoSeob & GaYoon-Things I Wanna Do If I Have A Lover :)

aarrgghhh! I LOVE THIS  !!! who wanna be my boyfriend ??
it must be so sweet!! aiiggoo000~ my another favourite song!

Nichkhun and Victoria confirmed to be leaving ‘We Got Married’

Looks like today won’t be a good day for “We Got Married” fans — on the heels of the news that the David OhKwon Ri Sae couple will be leaving from the show, Nichkhun and Victoria (known as the ‘Khuntoria‘ couple) will also be getting a ‘divorce’ from the popular MBC reality show.
“Two couples will be leaving the program in the middle of September,” stated a representative for MBC. “We’re in the middle of recruiting a new couple.” With the departure of two couples, it will be interesting to see how ‘We Got Married’ plans on filling the gaps.

B2ST’s Junhyung asserts he is still seeing Goo Hara

The K-Pop fandom was thrown into turmoil when news leaked out earlier, claiming that KARA‘s Goo Hara and B2ST‘s Junhyung were no longer a couple.
Although the reports seemed to have been verified by insiders at the time, both agencies quickly refuted the allegation, resulting in the curious case of agencies actually denying that a couple was not dating.
“After checking, the two of them are still meeting. We cannot understand how these articles came to be. The rumors of their breakup have no footing in truth,” said a representative for KARA.
Cube Entertainment echoed the above message, saying, “Although we haven’t checked with him, we haven’t heard anything about their potential split. As far as we are aware, they are still dating.”
A few minutes later, Junhyung replied with his own statement, “I am still in a relationship with Goo Hara. I think the rumors came about since we have had less time to meet each other.”
Source: E Daily via Naver, Sports Chosun via Naver

Heechul says “Thank You” in over a dozen languages to fans all over the world

On August 31st, Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul tweeted “Thank you” in numerous languages to express his gratitude to his fans.
Written in English, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean, the message threaded fans together from all over the world, as they all felt equal levels of love and sorrow for the star.
They commented, “I’m more thankful“, “I will continue to be your fan“, and “I will wait. Take care of your body and return safely.”
Kim Heechul will leave his celebrity life behind on September 1st to attend a four-week basic training camp, after which he will serve as a public service worker in the military.
Heechul, your humor and wit will be missed! Fighting!


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Monday, August 29, 2011


yesterday was Inkigayo stage and as we know it was a goodbye stage for kim heechul because he will join the army this september ~
can you guys see the tears of Super Junior when they performed?
ahhh~i'm gonna cry now

LEETEUK::thank you to heeecul for becoming one of the member of super junior..we love you

HEECHUL::today was my last perfomance..first of all,the people i want to thank you the most are our Super Junior members.i really thank you to my dongsaeng who always follow hyung,and also my friends our Jungsoo.despite the hard times,thank you for smiling our manager hyungs and staffs,thank you for enduring my bad temper(then talking bout names from Inkigayo Staff) lastly i thank all our fanz and i cannot express my feeling that well...i will come back!! stay healthy..

even my evil kyu was crying to0~ :'(

Super Junior is One family...

last goodbye from Kim Heecchul...

gonna miss you so much
we will waiting for your comeback
stay healthy oppa!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

♫ B1A4 sickness ♥ ♫

I'm a BANA ! !

B1A4 ♥


I ♥ U uuuu~

jinyoung + gongchan

hambaro! :)

channie cuteness *__~

cutiey sandeul ! :)

aiig0o~adorable leader ♥

tell me..tell me now~ ^___^

na do ! saranghamnida ..♥ ♥

[ME2DAY] MINHO - update / Idol Star Athletics 110827

[민호] 오늘 너무 고생 많았어요 ^^ 정말!!!!! 너무 고마워요~~ 큰힘이 됐어요!! 여러분!! 아쉽지만… 그래도~ 저 잘했죠?!?
Everyone great job today for the hard work ^^ really !!!!! Really thanks all of you ~~ everyone! altough it’s a little sad!! but i have did my best … right?!?
English translation : Forever_SHINee /Credit: SHINeeme2day

10,000 fans cheer on their idols at the 3rd ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’

On August 27th, MBC’s third ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘ kicked off at the Jamshil Stadium amidst the roar of 10,000 fans.

Hundreds of idols gathered to compete against one another in numerous athletic activities. The program was led by anchorman Oh Sang Jin, Kim Je Dong, Yoon Yeo Choon, and Boom. The opening event began with Mighty Mouth’s Shorry, who parodied the ‘hoop boy’ from the ‘88 Seoul Olympics; this was then followed by Boom Academy’s parody of Stevie Wonder.

The male 100m preliminary race was the first athletics event of the day. 10,000 fans roared in support ofSuper Junior, INFINITE, Dalmatian, B1A4, ZE:A, Mighty Mouth, MBLAQ, SHINee, TEEN TOP, Hwanhee, gagman Kim Kyung Jin, David Oh, Baek Chung Gang and many others.

The event reported a few injuries here and there, but nothing that the boys couldn’t handle.

After the male match, the women lined up for their own preliminary match, including T-ara, miss A, Rania, SISTAR, A Pink, 5dolls, Rainbow, Dal Shabet, Jewelry, and Nine Muses.

Source + Photos: Seoul NTN via Nate
credit to allkpop

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