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Park Bom cries to Teddy over the phone

The morning of the 21st, Park Bom released her solo track, “Don’t Cry“, as her second digital single, and almost instantly thereafter, the song swept major online music charts, thus allowing Bom to achieve her second ‘all kill’.

YG representatives explained today through a telephone call with OSEN, “Park Bom’s song was released online, and at around 1AM, she called Teddy, who produced the song, and burst into tears. The moment Park Bom had started crying, Teddy knew something was going on and took the call while surprised and nervous.”

They added, “It appears that when she had saw that her song placed #1 on various sites, Park Bom wanted to thank Teddy. Also, as the first ‘runner’ in 2NE1’s comeback, she was simultaneously overwhelmed by pressure and relief, and that’s why she started crying. She was probably very worried about having to kick off 2NE1’s comeback with her solo song.”

Park Bom is currently dominating the music charts, with a so-called ‘through-the-roof’ force. Since the moment it was released, she swept the #1 spot not only on Melon, but also on Dosirak, Soribada, M.NET, Bugs, Monkey3, and other representative Korean music charts to achieve the status of ‘perfect all-kill’.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment will be revealing 2NE1’s new songs every three weeks, starting with Park Bom’s solo, and utilizing a differentiated promotion system.

Source: OSEN via Nate

FT Island ranks no.2 on the oricon chart for two days

Seoul, Korea – FT Island shows an upward tendency in the oricon chart in Japan.

Last 20th, the group released their fourth single, Satisfaction and they have ranked as no.2 for two days since. This is their best ranking since their debut in Japan.

Especially the single has sold ten thousand on the first day of release and eight thousand albums the next day. Kanjani Eight has sold hundred thousand albums for two days who is the no.1 on the chart. It seems hard to be the no.1 for the weekly sales but the situation is optimistic to be at no.2

Satisfaction is also inserted as the ending theme song of Fuji TV’s animation Torico and has drawn attention. Also a member of the group, Lee Hong Gi is a main character of TBS’ drama Muscle Girl that these will be a synergy effect

By Jeong Byeong Geun (

Source: TVReport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TVReport
Translated by Ye Sul Kwak /

Song Joong Ki asks IU why her ideal man changes so frequently

On this week’s episode of “Section TV Entertainment“, actor Song Joong Ki and singer IU enjoyed a sweet date together in front of the cameras for an adorable interview with the show.

IU, who had previously listed Song Joong Ki as one of her many ideal men, showed off her shy character throughout the shoot by covering her eyes and blushing every time he called her by her real name.

After finding out that Song Joong Ki’s former dream actually used to be to become a PD, producers of the show handed him a mic and gave him the opportunity to be a reporter for the day. His first topic of business? He immediately turned to IU and asked, “Why does your ideal man change so much?”

Check out her answer on April 24th through MBC!

Source: BNT News via Nate

[Spoiler: We Got Married] Nichkhun & Victoria’s magazine article gets cut

On the April 23rd episode of MBC’s “We Got Married“, 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoriaexpressed their disappointment with their article being cut off in a magazine they were scheduled to have.

The couple was previously given a mission to act as a one-day journalist and come up with an article introducing the tastes of Korea for an internationally circulated vacation magazine.

Through the help of friends, the two diligently completed the task and earned praise of professionalism for their completed piece.

Unfortunately, while they were originally promised two full pages, only one page was printed in the magazine. To add salt to the wound, not one line from their submitted article was used at all.

Nichkhun commented, “It’s a professional magazine so I didn’t have much expectations. I guess I kind of expected it, but I did hope for our article to be in it.”

Victoria added, “I expected too much so my disappointment is just as great. I feel like someone dumped cold water on me.”

Source: TV Report via Nate

BEAST’s KiKwang and Secret’s Hyosung

The popular sit up scene from Secret Garden appeared on TV screen again.

But this time it is not done by Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.In the latest episode of Oh My School,BEAST’s KiKwang and Secret’s Hyosung demonstrated the sit up scene from the popular drama.

hahahha~theyre so funny~kikwang and hyosung secret garden

f(x)’s Sulli’s height bests Jo Kwon & Kikwang on “Inkigayo”

On April 24th, SBS’s Inkigayo held a live broadcast special of the “Super Concert Wonderful Jeju” at the Hanra Gymnasium with the show’s four MCs.

Throughout the show, viewers hilariously pointed out the subtle height difference between f(x)’s ‘giant baby’, Sulli, and her two male co-MCs, Jo Kwon and Kikwang.

Viewers are now wondering what Sulli’s real height is, especially since Kikwang previously admitted his height to be 170 cm, while Jo Kwon’s profile states that he is 175 cm.

Although she was wearing kill heels for the show, viewers nevertheless showed much interest in her tall height.

Source: Sports Today via Nate

Kim Hyun Joong’s Official Fanclub Name

Singapore – Yesterday, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency Keyeast announced the official fanclub name for Kim Hyun Joong fans, the name is “Henecia”.
Previously, the fans were asked to suggest fanclub names, and to vote for the best name at a later stage, and finally, ‘Henecia’ is selected to be the official fanclub name. The name ‘Henecia’ comes from the name “Hyun Joong” and latin word ‘benecia’ (to receive blessings) , meaning – kim hyun joong to receive blessings and also those that receive blessings from him.

Source : Kim Hyun Joong Official Website
Written by babyvfan / Associate Writer

WGM Victoria’s loyalty ”Compared to Lee Yong Dae, Nichkhun is still more handsome”

Yesterday’s WGM episode showed Nichkhun and Victoria’s friends introduction story.
On that day, because Victoria was introduced to Nichkhun’s friend, badminton player Lee Yong Dae, she started conversing with aegyo to him.

Both Khuntoria and Lee yong dae played a game, and throughout the game, Victoria was smiling happily whenever Lee Yong dae’s turn came up, causing Nichkhun to smile bitterly.

In her blackroom interview, Victoria expressed her good impression of Lee yong dae, saying that he really had the aura of an athlete and was very manly”. But once asked to pick who she liked better, she picked Nichkhun without any hesitation, saying, “of course it’s Nichkhun”, displaying her affections for Nichkhun.

Furthermore, Lee Yong dae and Sulli’s interactions became a hot topic among the audience.

source nate
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eng trans/december@khuntorialurve

“2011 Dream Concert” to be held next month with 20 artists

The Korean Entertainment Producers’ Association’s “2011 Dream Concert” will be opening for the 17th year on May 28th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium!

The current line-up of performances include a total of 20 K-Pop stars with TVXQ, 2PM, 4minute, IU, and many others. Free entry tickets were given out on April 7th for the 25,000 member audience, and just a week before the official close date, all seats have already been filled.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism will also be working with the Korea Copyright Commission for a special “Copyright Protection Campaign” at the event. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Newsis via Nate

BEAST maknae Dongwoon and A Pink maknae Hayoung are certified siblings?

A Pink and B2ST’s maknaes revealed a cute cute selca.On the 22nd, on Twitter, Doojoon posted a picture of him and A Pink’s maknae, Hayoung. “A Pink and B2ST brother and sister” was shown through the photos. The busy-like atmosphere, especially the sleeping man in the background, caused laughter from Netizens.The pure-like feeling that Hayoung gave off – with her long, sleek hair, cute nose and small lips all added to the already exotic feel of the picture.“A Pink Hayoung, very ‘foreign’ like me…both of us are very beautiful right, haha,” Doojoon laughed after he released the picture.Netizens commented, “Very strange looking” “The man in the background is funny” “They look like brother and sister” “How pretty” “B2ST and A Pink love?!”

Translated by Sungmin || Source – HK News || Take out with full credits

Sisterly Love ~:)

On April 22nd, f(x) made their comeback performance on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ with ‘Pinocchio’. Since this was f(x)’s very first comeback performance, Jessica went directly to the waiting room to cheer for her little sister, Krystal.

According to a representative, “Jessica came to look for Krystal directly to show support for f(x)’s comeback. She watched and cheered for her sister and the rest of the f(x) members from the waiting room during the recording of the performance”. Her action tells a thousand words and the bond between the Jung sisters is undeniable.


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