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[ENG] Taemin 30-Seconds Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

[ENG] Key 30-Second Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

[ENG] Minho 30-Second Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

[ENG] Jonghyun 30-Seconds Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

[ENG] Onew 30-Second Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

2PM’s Jang Wooyoung was chosen to have the most distinctive childhood photos

Summary: 2PM’s Jang Wooyoung was chosen to have the most distinctive childhood photos. Compared to other idols, the netizens chosen his photos as the cutest, because they drew their attention immediately. The photo brought smiles to the viewers faces, because it portrayed Jang Wooyoung with a face and sharp glance which haven’t changed up till now.

Source: TVdaily | summary by : Egle @2pmalways

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[Eng] SHINee raising fund message for Japan

[Onew] Hello everyone , we are SHINee . We are very worried as on the 11th march due to the earth quake at Japan there's a lot of casualties.

[Key] Yes , no matter how thought the situation & surround is , we will help each other with nation spirit .

[Minho] We SHINee also together with Red cross will share the burden with Japan. Everyone please play a part in helping Japan too!

CHINESE translation @SMSHINee闪耀星球 , Eng , forevershinee video credit from : sina

Hongki’s Japanese Drama – Muscle Girl’s Trailer

“Muscle Girl” will begin airing on both MBS and TBS channel, on the respective dates and time slots below.

Date: 23rd April 2011 (Sat)
Time: 0030 – 0100hrs (JST)

Date: 19th April 2011 ( Tue)
Time: 0055 – 0125hrs (JST)

Don’t forget to stay tuned!

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BIGBANG Greetings to Malaysian Fans

malaysian VIP!!
how's your feeling!!??

SHINee's Key speaks English for Japan Red Cross at MTV

SHINEE,,,,so sweet!key..good job dear!!
shinee hwaiting!lets pray for japan!!

Onew explains why he tackled Luna during ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’

SHINee’s leader Onew explained the story behind his hilarious tackle from January’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’.

On March 22nd’s episode of “Strong Heart“, photos were brought out of Onew’s infamous tackle-flop onto his labelmate, f(x)’s Luna. Onew explained, “I ran to Luna because she got first place and I was so happy for her. But, I didn’t see the metal rail in front of me, and so I tripped and fell over it.”

This led to the photo of the two hugging and looking quite uncomfortable . Leeteuk joked, “I think you fell so you could hug Luna.”

Onew added, “I couldn’t control my speed but once I hit Luna, I could.”

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[Eng Sub] Onew saw a ghost in SHINee Dorm that look like Minho+Taemin Bonus

[NEWS] Shindong’s Shocking Confession “Actually, I’m Not Close With Donghae”

Super Junior’s Shindong made a confession on his awkward relationship with Donghae despite being fellow members for 6 years.

As a MC in MBC Super Junior’s Foresight, Shindong mentioned during the talk that, although he never had arguments with many of the members, but the weird thing is, there is a member who he has an awkward relationship with and that member is Donghae.

Being it a fact that Super Junior, which has been living together for 6 years, is a group that is more powerful and proud of themselves than any other groups else, Shindong’s confession had dealt a blow to everyone (at the studio). Not to mention spending time alone with one another, Shindong and Donghae had not even once, dine together with each other.

After which (,) Shindong recorded a short video message for Donghae “We must dine together someday” which led the studio in becoming a laughing sea.

Other than this, Eunhyuk who is a MC in Super Junior’s Foresight chose Kim Heechul as the member who is the hardest to talk to when he’s alone. Eunhyuk and Kim Heechul only dined together once but because it was too awkward, they didn’t talk (to each other) at all throughout the dinner. He then re-enacted the scene out, making the members burst out into laughter.

Source: BNT News
English Translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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KBS World New Schedule ( Starting From 28/3/2011 )

UTC + 8 : Beijing , Hong Kong, Bali , KL , Manila, Singapore , Perth


- Qualification Of Men ( 16:50 )

- 2 Days 1 Night with subs ( 18:00 )

- Music Bank with English Subs ( 22:10 )


- Happy Together ( 16:50 )

- Music Bank with English Subs ( 18:00 )

- Oh! My School ( 22:10 )

- Win Win ( 23:20 )


- Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 ( 16:50 )

- Gag Concert with Subs ( 18:00 )

- Happy Together ( 22:10 )

- Vitamin ( 23:20 )


- Oh! My School ( 16:50 )

- Win Win ( 18:00 )

- Qualifications Of Men ( 22:10 )

- Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 ( 23:20 )


- Gag Concert with Subs ( 00:30 )

- Vitamin ( 12:30 )

- Music Bank Live( 17:00 )

- Entertainment Weekly ( 18:20 )

- Two Days One Night ( 22:10 )


- Music Bank ( 01:00 )

- Star Date ( 09:50 )

- Invincible Youth Special ( 16:20 )

- Star Date ( 18:40 )


- Oh! My School ( 12:20 )

- Happy Sunday ( 16:20 )

For UTC+7 : Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi ,Russia Zone 6 ( Minus 1 hour )

For UTC+9 : Seoul , Tokyo, Palau , East Timor ( Plus 1 hour )

Saturday, March 19, 2011

minho and taemin~

SHINee’s Minho and Taemin appeared in the clip and gave words of encouragement to tell Japan not to give up and still hope for the best.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yoseob loses the ‘dance copy machine’ title to Kikwang on “100 Points out of 100″

On March 12th’s episode of “100 Points out of 100“, B2ST’s Yoseob demonstrated his dance ‘copying’ skills again as he tried to master MBLAQ’s “Again” dance.

However, unlike his usual self, Yoseob looked nervous, getting teased by the cast for being self-conscious of Kikwang, who followed the choreography secretly from the sidelines. In the end, his nerves got the best of him and Yoseob had the title of ‘dance copy machine’ taken away.

Meanwhile, Kikwang was praised, and even managed to dance to his own version of the “Again” dance. The cast complimented his dancing skills as Yoseob angrily asked him what his real identity was.

Check out the funny clip below:

seobbi oppa,,dont be sad~i'm here!!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

G.NA was taken to the emergency room for a knee injury..om0..unnie~

Singer G.NA was taken to the emergency room for a knee injury.

On March 11th, G.NA fell while heading for the stage of KBS’s “Music Bank“. It’s said that the star had tripped and landed on her knee.

G.NA underwent acupuncture, and returned to the staff despite her staff’s concerns; reportedly, she repeatedly iterated, “I have to complete my schedule.“ Originally, she was set to stand for her performance, but due to the pain in her knee, she sang her songI Miss You Already” sitting in a chair. Right after the live broadcast, G.NA was immediately taken to the emergency room to receive a complete medical examination.

On March 12th, a Cube Entertainment representative revealed, “Although there is no problems with her bones, she may have pulled a ligament and so we must wait for further details. While she is doing activities for a ballad track, we plan to lessen her movement as much as possible.“ Representatives have further stated that if the injury develops, they plan to adjust her activities.

Since she had already pre-recorded her performance for MBC’s “Music Core“, her next live appearance will be on the 13th through SBS’s “Inkigayo“.

*get well soon unnie..saranghae~

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Yonghwa & Seohyun confirmed to be leaving “We Got Married”

Certain representatives from the industry have reported that the ‘YongSeo Couple’ of MBC’s “We Got Married” will be concluding their virtual marriage by the end of this month.

A representative of broadcasting revealed, “The Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun couple are currently in discussions to leave the show. They’ve already been on the show for over a year, and it seems their busy schedules are getting in the way.”

Another revealed, “There hasn’t been anything confirmed yet, but it seems they will be recording their final episode for the show within this month. Producers are currently looking for another couple to take their place.”

Rumors about their departure already began circulating shortly after the couple’s wedding photoshoot episode; the program has a tendency of taking couples off the show once they reach a level where they are able to initiate skinship naturally.

Seohyun and Yonghwa’s respective groups also have a busy schedule ahead of them in the coming months, which makes the rumor even more plausible. SNSD will begin focusing on their Japanese promotions in April with “Mr. Taxi” and “Run Devil Run“, and they also have a scheduled concert tour in four different cities. Meanwhile, Yonghwa will be tackling his leading role for MBC’s new drama “Festival“, and is in the midst of juggling promotions for CNBLUE’s comeback.

Both of their agencies, however, commented, “There’s nothing decided yet.”

Source + Photos: Newsen, Star News via Naver




On March 11th, producers of the show confirmed, “There’s an end to everything. We have been carefully discussing their leave for a while now. It was a difficult decision, and both are very disappointed with the reports that got out before we could finalize everything. Contrary to what’s been reported, the ending has not been shot yet, and it will be sometime next month. The ending will be made as beautifully as possible to reflect what the couple wants.

They added, “We’ve been searching for replacement couples since six months ago. The new line-up hasn’t been finalized yet, but there are a few that we’re keeping a close eye on. We’ll begin to prepare for the new changes now.

*to yongseo couple's fans~dont be so sad,,there's a lot memory we have shared and the memory always in our heart...even there's no more yongseo couple,,but there are always yongseo love~

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[NEWS] Leeteuk is Worried about Japan !

Super Junior’s Leeteuk updated his Twitter after the horrific news about Japan today.
Leeteuk updated his own Twitter with, “Heard the news about’s so suprising and my heart hurts everyone please be safe and healthy and I will be praying for you.”
Japan was hit with an earthquake and tsunami today, affecting many people in the country. Currently trending on Twitter is #prayforjapan, #prayforasia, and #prayfortheworld.
Photo Credits:
Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang


finally..,alexander tweets about his departure from U-KISS

Former U-KISS member Alexander, a.k.a. Xander, recently left a tweet about his departure from the group.

Although Kim Kibum (who had also left U-KISSat the same time as Xander) had shared his feelings about leaving the group through Twitter and through interviews, Xander had been keeping quiet throughout the whole situation.

However, on March 11th, Xander finally broke his silence. He tweeted the following message in both Korean and in English:

“Good morning everyone, this is Alexander. Long time no see. Thank you for waiting patiently during this difficult time.

As you all know, my departure from U-KISS has been official, and my contract with NH EMG has been terminated.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for all my beloved KISSme fans from all around the world for being my BEST support since my debut in U-KISS.

All of your love & support made me into who I am today, with all my achievements.

I know that my departure from U-KISS might be quite sudden and heart-breaking for most of our KISSme fans…

It is also heart-breaking for me to say goodbye to all of you. But I would say, I respect the decision of my company.
I would like to thank Mr. NH Kim (CEO of NH EMG) for giving me the opportunity to work as a member of U-KISS, and to thank all of my fellow NH EMG staffs for their care.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank my U-KISS members. During these 4 years, we played, we worked, we fought, we laughed, we cried… I have learnt so much from you guys…

Thank you so much for letting me be a big brother all these years… You guys are like real brothers to me… I’m sorry that I could not continue the journey with you guys…

But I will always be supporting you guys! All the best to your comeback. Hopefully one day we could once again stand together on the same stage… Love you all…

Although I have no idea what my next step will be, I will just humbly follow wherever the Lord leads me to.

Meanwhile, I would like to take a rest, do something meaningful, and upgrade myself.

Lastly, it was my honor to work for my beloved KISSme from all around the world.

I won’t say this is a goodbye. Hope to see you all again very soon as a new Xander.

Thank you so so so much & I love y’all always…♥”

He then quoted lyrics from Boyz II Men’s End of the Road, “Although we’ve come, to the End of the road, still I can’t let go…”

Although it’s sad to see him go, KISSme’s all around the world probably have a little peace of mind to hear such positivity from Xander...hwaiting oppa~

Source: Alexander’s Twitter

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TVXQ’s Yunho wears a fan-given shemagh

TVXQ’s Yunho received a unique birthday present from an Arabian fan!

Although it’s been a while since Yunho’s birthday, an online community site recently posted this picture of Yunho wearing a shemagh. The picture was a still-cut from an interview that the star held with ‘KBS WORLD‘.

On Yunho’s birthday, an Arabian fan sent him a patterned scarf. Yunho, who received the present, became instantly interested in the item. Noting Yunho’s interest in the shemagh, the interviewer helped him try it on. The charismatic star smiled brightly, and seemed really pleased with the fan’s gift.

Netizens commented, “Arab-Shin-Ki. It’s Hijab-Yunho!”,Hijab-Yunho has been revealed to the public!“, “His facial expression is so cute.”, and Yunho is showing off his present from his fan. That fan must be going crazy with happiness.”


Thursday, March 3, 2011

[News] 110304 Choi Jonghun Panics Over Acting Debut

FT Island’s Choi Jonghun tells us about how he felt debuting as an actor.

On 4th March, Japan’s news agency, Sankei Sports, reported about the press conference of the movie “You’re My Pet”, which was held on 3rd March at Ibaraki Airport.

Besides the movie’s main cast Jang Geunsuk and Kim Haneul, Choi Jonghun who is making his first acting debut also attended the event. In the movie “You’re My Pet”, Choi Jonghun will be playing the role of Kim Hanuel’s younger brother.

According to Sankei Sports, a total of 3,000 Japanese fans came to support the event. During the press conference, Choi Jonghun said that, “I panicked when it was decided that I’m part of the cast. I’m trembling now too, but not sure if it’s due to the cold weather or I’m really too nervous.” He received a warm round of applause from the fans.

Based on a Japanese manga, the movie “You’re My Pet” already has a drama production in Japan. Just like a pet, the man lives in the house of the female lead. The movie depicts how the “pet” meets his mistress and how their love develops.

Jang Geunsuk plays the role of In Ho, a classic ballet dancer with great promise. He has the dreams of becoming a musical actor and a dancer. Kim Hanuel plays the role of Ji Eun, who has both beauty and capability but is clumsy when it comes to relationships.

Credit: Star News + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)
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Super Junior Lets The Whole World Know About “Bibimbap”!

Super Junior is coming forward to promote the globalization of Korean cuisine...

Super Junior has been appointed as the 2011 ambassadors for globalization of Korean cuisine, and in March, they would be commissioned at the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries at Gwacheon Government Complex.

The Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said “In order to promote Korean cuisine more effectively, Super Junior would be invited to be the ambassadors for Korean cuisine, and have many types of activities in and out of the country.”

On that day, the Minister for for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Yoo Jeongbok attended the ceremony with Leeteuk, Shindong, Yesung, Heechul and 4 other Super Junior Members.

*Bibimbap- rice mixed with vegetables and beef (A Korean dish)

Shawols Angry at SM For Overworking Onew

While recording Star King on February 21st, Onew apparently became sick (no clear details, some say he almost fainted) and was not able to DJ Sukira either–Minho had to fill in. Shawols have observed that out of all the members of SHINee, Onew has been the most overworked in 2010.Here is a list of activities Onew has done in 2010 and 2011:

Early 2010:

  • Hello Baby, lead role as Jubong in Brothers Were Brave
  • appeared on variety shows like Star King and Star Golden
  • SHINee promotions in Southeast Asia

Later 2010:

  • lead role as Drew in Rock of Ages
  • Lucifer promotions + Hello promotions all over Asia
  • MC of YHS
  • MC of Music Core
  • hosted several year-end award shows
  • performed in all the Gayo Daejun specials
  • variety show appearances
  • practiced for their solo concerts in Japan & Korea


  • performances in Taiwan & Australia
  • recorded New Year Specials for both Taiwan and Thailand (Onew got sick in Thailand too)
  • recorded two other Lunar New Year programs in Korea
  • participated in Idol Sports Competition (Onew received a minor injury here)
  • SMTown Tokyo
  • DJ of Sukira
  • recorded Happy Together with DBSK & f(x)
  • record Oh My School while everyone else was at Super Junior’s Manager’s wedding
  • autograph session for Maypole
  • fan meeting for Sta Fe
  • filmed for Auction
*he work so hard to his fan to work more hard than before..not just him but other members too~but he always sick…i dont want to judge anything..just wanna share..=)..

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