Friday, May 13, 2011

FT Island to "Return" with 3rd mini-album + 1st teaser image

After their successful promotions in Japan with their latest single "Satisfaction," it has been announced that FT Island will be returning to Korea with a new mini-album! According to FNC Music, their agency, FT Island's 3rd mini-album will be released on May 24th.

The mini-album has been titled "Return," and an official from FNC Music said, “The members are practicing hard, looking forward to the day they will meet with fans at home again."

Along with the announcement of their upcoming mini-album, FT Island also revealed the first teaser image for their comeback. The teaser image revealed all five of the members sitting down in bold clothings.

FT Island will also embark on their "Tour 2011 Summer Messenger" on June 29th in Nagoya, Japan, with more stops scheduled for Osaka on July 2nd, Tokyo on July 6th, Fukuoka on July 8th, and Budokan.

Are you looking forward to FT Island's comeback?


Suzy’s younger brother revealed in ‘Dalgona’

On May 13th, miss A’s Suzy guested on SBS’s “Dalgona” and revealed her younger brother, Bae Sang Moon, for the first time on TV.

The episode was especially important to Suzy because she wasn’t able to personally visit her hometown, but was still able to watch video messages sent by family members. Her younger brother, who’s currently in his third year of junior high school, revealed a hilarious story of Suzy’s moodiness.

He stated, “My sister’s emotions are like a roller-coaster in that they go up and down severely. When she’s feeling good, she can be the nicest sister in the world, but when she’s in a bad mood, you have to make sure to never mess with her. When we were younger, I ate one of her snacks without thinking much of it, but she sprayed coke all over my face.”

To the amusement of the studio, Suzy clarified, “I did give him clothes to change into after in case ants got stuck to him.”

When asked how he felt about his sister being an idol, he revealed, “A lot of people I don’t know come up to me and ask me to get them autographs. I’m the most upset, however, whenever I read hateful replies about her. It makes me mad that people wh don’t even know her say all those things.. There’s also rumors about her being an ‘iljin’, but that’s not true!”

SHINee, Rainbow, 5dolls and more added to Dream Concert’s line-up

As the date of the “Dream Concert 2011” comes closer, more artists have confirmed their participation in what could be called the most anticipated K-pop concert of the year.

At the start of this month, Koreaboo reported a list of around 19 artists announced at Dream Concert’s official website and Twitter. Since then, more artists have been added and the confusion with ZE:A and Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea has also been cleared up.

In the new line-up, nor ZE:A or Jea are listed as performers, while Kim Taewoo, Eru, Flower, Seo Inkook, 5dolls, Rainbow and SHINee have been added as confirmed acts.

Sadly, it was previously announced that CNBLUE would be performing but now the group doesn’t appear in the list of performers or in the image slideshow featured at the top of Dream Concert’s official website.

On their Twitter, organizers had also announced the addition of A Pink but three hours later they said their appearance had been cancelled.

The new updates leaves us with a line-up of 23 artists, which includes 2PM, 5dolls, FT Island, f(x), miss A, Kim Taewoo, TVXQ, Rainbow, BEAST, SHINee, Seo Inkook, Secret, SISTAR, IU, After School, U-Kiss, Eru, G.NA, KARA, K-Will, T-ara, 4Minute, and Flower.

The “Dream Concert 2011” will be held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on May 28th at 6:30PM with a run time of around three and a half hours. The concert will be recorded and broadcasted on KBS at a later date.

New line-up:

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The allkpop Daily Wrap-Up: May 13th, 2011

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Even though we would prefer that you spend 24 hours a day on the site, The allkpop Daily Wrap-Upexists as your summary for those who need a quick catch-up or review of the day’s hottest news.

We’ll be releasing a Daily Wrap-Up every night at 11:59 PM EST, so be sure to look forward to it!

Without further ado, here’s our top picks of the day!


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IU attacked by laser beams on a recent performance

South Korea's "Little Sister" IU was recently a victim of a "laser beam attack" during one of her performances. In a recent fan-recorded video of her performance at a University festival, it was revealed that IU was attacked by laser beams while she performed. One screencapped photo clearly depicted series of laser beams streaking through her face.

According to a fan's account, IU handled the situation like a professional and continued to sing until her song finished. Fans who have seen the video were alarmed as laser pointers are known to cause damage to our sight.

As of now, no one knows who did the act nor for what reason, and IU's management has not yet commented on this incident.

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Has SNSD’s Yuri’s ‘perfect’ diet gone wrong or right?

SNSD’s ‘black pearl’ Yuri succeeded in her diet plans and recently revealed her new svelte form.

Several pictures and fancams capturing Yuri’s significant weight loss have been floating around on an online community site, worrying her fans.

Even last year, Yuri still had her signature glamorous body and chubby cheeks.

However, in recent sightings, Yuri was seen with a prominent V-line and virtually no fat on her cheeks. Her drastic transformation has shocked some fans, as some thought it was for the better while others felt that it was for the worse.

Netizens said, “I didn’t know you lost weight but you seemed to have lost a lot after seeing your old photos”, “You were pretty before and now you’re even prettier”, and “How did you lose all that weight?

What do you guys think of her diet and her new look?

Jay Park opens up about his current relationship with 2PM

After placing #1 on his comeback performance, one can’t deny that Jay Park has made an epic comeback. It seems like Jay’s past controversy is now a vague memory that no one really cares about anymore. Even so, any mentioning of 2PM and Jay Park/Jaebum in the same sentence always sparks an interest in the public eye.

Well, Jay Park finally decided to address his current relationship with his former bandmates in a recent interview! Check it out below.

Reporter: “This may be an uncomfortable topic for you to discuss but I think it’s necessary for you to talk about 2PM.”

Jay Park: [Jokingly] “If it’s an uncomfortable subject, then you can just avoid it all together… [Smiling]I’m ready to talk about it now. I’m not uncomfortable, so go ahead and ask.”

Reporter: “I read an article that you don’t keep in touch with 2PM?”

Jay Park: [Calmly] “Yes, that’s true.”

Reporter: “If they don’t contact you first, will you take the first step and reach out to them?”

Jay Park: “If you look at it that way, couldn’t they contact me first too?”

Reporter: “If that’s the case, what is the biggest reason for you not contacting them first?”

Jay Park: “Just because.”

Reporter: [Confused] “Just because?”

Jay Park: “Just because. If I meet 2PM while recording a program, I think I’ll be very glad to see them again. Actually, during a recent recording of ‘Inkigayo,’ I saw 2AM’s Jo Kwon again and we cheerfully greeted each other with ‘Hey! It’s been a long time!’…I don’t know how 2PM feels about this but if I see them, I can gladly greet them.”

2PM is currently working hard promoting their activities in Japan. Because of this, Jay Park and 2PM haven’t had the chance to meet in person. Although the relationship between the boys have become distant over the past, they both have become the best at what they do.

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