Thursday, April 21, 2011

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young dub for 3D movie, “Rio”

On April 20th, a video featuring actor Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young participating in their first ever dubbing roles for 3D animation “Rio” were revealed for the very first time. The footage was recorded at the Yongsan CGV for the “20th Century Fox Korea Road Show”.

“Rio” is about a domesticated macaw named Blu and the adventures he goes through for his perfect match, Jewel. The movie was released in the States on the 15th and ranked 1st at the box office. Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway played the voices of Blu and Jewel, respectively.

There is much anticipation being gathered in Korea as Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young were chosen for the voices of Blu and Jewel. In particular, with highlights of their dubbing voice for “Rio” and the clip of the dubbing making, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young have caught the eyes of the public. They both put their own personalities into the dubbing to enhance the dopy character of Blu and boldness of Jewel.

Through the making-of clip, Park Bo Young stated, “With Brazil as an exciting background and the joyful songs and dances, ‘Rio’ is an entertaining movie.” The dubbed version of the movie will be released in Korea on July 28th.

Source: NoCut News via Nate

[News] BEAST 4minute G.NA, They gather to sing of miracles with t-shirts

The ‘boy friend’ idol group BEAST, the girl group with over flowing charisma 4minute, the ‘sexy queen’ G.NA, and the ‘Superstar K’ hero Heo Gak have gathered in one place. They have got together to participate in a photo shoot for the star style magazine to represent the donation project titled ‘HEART FOR EYE’ which is dedicated to the help blind kids see the bright new world.

Through this photo shoot, over 20 stars in the family managements, Cube Entertainment and A Cube Entertainment, have participated and in particular, the photo shoot is eye catching because of the hip hop singer Mario who was exposed more through the show ‘Invicible Baseball Team’ and the new group A Pink who will be reviving the “fairy” group tradition. It was hard gathering all 20 stars in one place, but 4minute and G.NA had gladly showed up at the photo shoot with a smile despite their current schedules. In addition, everyone had dressed in the heart shirts for the meaning of “gathering all the hearts in one” showing off their closeness and made photo shoot seem like a big family picture..

Meanwhile, BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon stated, “I am really happy that I was able to participate in this good cause. My eyes are really bad and I had to live with glasses from 3rd grade for about 10 years. It was really uncomfortable because I couldn’t even tell who was who without any glasses or lenses. I hope that young children will be able to find their happiness of seeing the world with their two eyes,” showing adoration towards this project. The motto for the project “HEART FOR EYE” was made with the thought of curing the eyes of the kids with the beauty of fashion and the money earned from the t shirt sales will be all donated to the Samsung Seoul Hospital for the curing of children with blindness.

The project photo shoot for “HEART FOR EYE” can be found on the 51st High Cut magazine which will be sold on April 21st and the behind scenes can be found on High Cut online ( High Cut can be found in the main cities around the country.


[News] f(x)'s Victoria is 100% real in ''We Got Married''?

f(x)’s members claim that Victoria is displaying her real personality in MBC’s “We Got Married”.

f(x) recently stated in OSEN’s interview that they “laughed a lot” as they viewed “We Got Married” because “Victoria’s real personality was showing through”. Luna added that “she especially likes to cook and her usual cute personality is displayed”.

Victoria said that she is “Enjoying the popularity of the show ‘We Got Married’ and that the ladies in the supermarket acknowledge me from the show. I am surprised young students don’t recognize me while older people do”.

She added “It was an entertainment program I wanted to try out, and I learned a lot from it. I think I performed well”.

Victoria is currently playing the role of Nick Koon’s wife in “We Got Married”, and her unique speech and cute personality that is displayed is gaining a lot of popularity.

Source Via : News Naver
Credits: askactor

[News] SHINee mentioned in f(x) Victoria’s “Thanks To” for Pinocchio Album.

Finally, f(x)’s first album has come out. First of all, my beloved members, Amber, Luna, Sulli, and Krystal, we’ve all done so well. This time, we’ll do even better. The 5 of us standing on stage together—I am truly so happy! Asia’s top pop dance group, fighting! 1, 2, 3 f(x)! Thank you to my family who has always silently supported me. Father, Mother, don’t worry about me. As long as you are healthy, then I can be at ease. Thank you. The one who is fond of us but still strict, Lee Soo Man-teacher, Hallyu Wave’s extraordinarily kind-hearted Kangta-oppa, BoA who will always be the number 1 top star. Whenever I run into troubles, the one who always gives me supportive and sincere advice, my friend Changmin (Changmin-chingoo), Yunho-oppa, the kind-hearted (good and honest) man. The top Asian stars Super Junior-sunbaenim and also the handsome dance singer, Kyuhyun-“oppa”. Also to those who have given sincere advice, SNSD-sumbaenim, The sparkling/shining SHINee-sunbaenim, Minho who comes from an athletic background, also Jonghyun, whose leg injury must quickly get better! “Fashionable/Fashion-star” Key, the always hilarious Onew and the handsome man, Taemin. And to the one who has always taken care of me (given me so much care) and looked after me, Nichkhun-ssi, thank you. Finally, thank you to all those fans who have given support to f(x) and Victoria.

Credit: SHINee World Malaysia
Kor-Chi Translation: Winnie and Song Qian Baidu
Chi-Eng Translation: POGA @ khuntorialurve

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