Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CHI CHI's contract has a unique clause

It has been brought to attention that CHI CHI's contract has a very unique clause, which has garnered interest. According to their contract, CHI CHI has a "no plastic surgery" agreement.

The seven-member group recently made their debut with "Don't Play Around" and are already scheduled for a comeback in May.

A representative from CHI CHI's agency confirmed this with Newsen on April 11th and said, "If any of the CHI CHI members were to undergo plastic surgery, their contract would be immediately terminated. This to encourage their natural beauty. You can become beautiful through plastic surgery, but we thought about the the future of these kids and believed it is the best course of action if they kept their natural beauty. The members of CHI CHI also agreed that plastic surgery would be a burden. Their parents were also consulted on the clause and everyone agreed it was best to just avoid plastic surgery."

CHI CHI are already emerging as one of 2011 best rookies with their electronica-house music "Don't Play Around."

Source: Newsen

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