Thursday, April 28, 2011

DSP Media apologizes to fans, asks for time before next comeback

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After resolving 100 days worth of disputes yesterday, DSP Media officially announced plans for KARA’s comeback through a press report released on April 29th.

They stated:

“DSP Media and KARA have both been able to stand before our fans with a more mature and closer partnership than before. Although everything has been resolved, DSP Media would still like to apologize for causing concerns amongst KARA’s fans.

We acknowledge that we are forever in debt to you.

KARA will be returning when they feel that they are able to properly treat the wounds of their fans. We will be working our hardest to make sure that our fans can see that we’ve turned the past misfortune into our advantage.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the various associations and entertainment/media representatives for sending us their support.”

Jiyoung’s father also spoke with the producers of SBS’s “One Night in TV Entertainment” and stated, “The three kids needed to work and promote but they couldn’t. They went through a lot of emotional difficulties so we all felt that it’d be better to just resolve everything with DSP Media.”

When asked for specific details, he replied, “Both parties shared what we could, and although there might be a disparity with each individual, our compromise was something that satisfied all of us.”

On the members themselves, he concluded, “They all said that they’re okay. It will be awkward for a bit, but everything will be okay once time passes.”

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate, Sports Today via Nate

T-ARA's Eunjung reveals promotional poster for "White's Curse" + Hyomin to appear in a horror movie

Looks like the T-ARA members are the unofficial ambassadors for the horror genre as both Eunjung and Hyomin will be participating in separate horror films.

Eunjung is starring in "White's Curse," a story that revolves around an antagonistic idol group who are hiding a dark secret. The secret will turn their lives upside down in the most horrible ways. The movie stars Eunjung as the group leader, Maydoni, Choi Ah Ra and Jin Se Yun as her band-mates. "White’s Curse" is directed by Kim Gok and Kim Sun, a pair of twin brothers who are recognized as the avant-garde of Korean independent art cinema. The film is set to launch in theatres in June.

On the other hand, Hyomin will be making a full acting debut (she previously made a cameo in "My Girlfriend is a Nine Tail Fox)" with the horror/thriller movie titled, “Kisaeng Ryung (Ghost of a Kisaeng*)." The plot revolves around a ghost of a person who died an unfair death committing murders, presumably out of revenge. The movie itself focuses on Sunny, who will be played by Han Eunjung, who takes an orphan under her wings. The child became an orphan because of a murder and the plot will ultimately reveal the truth behind the orphan. The movie is directed by Yang Yoon Ho who also directed KBS’s “Iris” and the movie “Grand Prix.” “Kisaeng Ryung” will be the first ever Asian 3D horror/thriller movie to be produced.

*Note: Kisaeng (also spelled Gisaeng) were Korean female entertainers who were highly skilled in the arts.

Source: Tiaradiadem, queenxknit, soompi

f(x) releases dance video for ‘Gangsta Boy’

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Fans were delighted that f(x) got to perform their full song, “Gangsta Boy” for their comeback stage onM! Countdown on April 29th, and it has generated much interest from fans since.

Following the performance, a dance rehearsal video of f(x) rehearsing the dance in their SM Entertainment dance studio has been released on the internet and it was also revealed that it had been cheoreographed by one of SM’s favourite dance cheoreographer, Rino Nakasone.

Check it out below!

The allkpop Daily Wrap-Up: April 28th, 2011

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  • [Review] ‘Pinocchio’ by f(x) – After withdrawing from the music industry for over a year, f(x) dropped their comeback album to great fanfare. But how did the album stand up to our resident reviewer’s standards? Check out his review after the jump!

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk celebrates 2,000th day since debut with fans

In celebration of Super Junior’s 2,000th day on April 28th, leader Leeteuk left a special message for E.L.F.s through his personal Twitter.

On the 29th, he tweeted, “2,000 days since our debut. I still have so many things that I want to do, it just isn’t enough yet. To all of the E.L.F.s all over the world that have given us so much love! I would like to genuinely thank you. I love you.”

Leeteuk also shared more good news, “We placed #1 in pre-orders for our Japanese singles and were also chosen as national brands by BCC. We’ll become even more humble and work even harder.”

Fans replied, “Congratulations on your 2,000th day, let’s go all the way to 10,000 days together!”, “Super Junior forever”, and “I will always be an E.L.F. with Super Junior.”

KARA’s Seungyeon tweets fans after successful negotiations

Han Seungyeon of KARA tweeted her fans today after it was revealed that KARA held successful negotiations with DSP Media.

The uncertainty over KARA’s future ended after 100 days, and fans were delighted to read, “You waited a long time right? I love you.”

DSP Media added, “Thank you to all the fans who stayed faithful through out it all. We’ll try our hardest to meet you with a better transformation.”

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