Friday, March 23, 2012

Welcome to Malaysia, YouTube!

Earlier today, YouTube officially launched their 42nd country official local site in Malaysia at 

- Youtube Malaysia logo -

YouTube’s official blog wrote,
“While YouTube has already been available in Malaysia’s most widely spoken languages — Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, and English — having a Malaysia-specific homepage can now deliver the most relevant videos for Malaysians as well as make it easier to highlight great content from our local partners such as KRU Studios… In the last few years, Malaysians have shown a gift for creating video hits. You may have seen the guy who proposed to his girlfriend using Internet memes. Then there’s singer and ukelele player Zee Avi, who posted a few videos on YouTube in 2007 and ended up signing to Jack Johnson’s Brushfire label. Meanwhile school teacher Cikgu Shida has mimed her way across tons of popular songs to become a sudden Internet star in her homeland.
With YouTube now open in Malaysia, we are excited to see more and more Malaysians join the YouTube community. And hopefully this will also mean the world can more easily discover the amazing culture and talent that exists in Malaysia today.” 

CHECK THIS OUT :  Artists from around Asia welcome YouTube Malaysia. 
*there're also B2ST,2NE1,Miss A,Jang Geun Suk,Infinite,Sistar*

P/S : proud to be MALAYSIAN   

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BIGBANG Cover - BLUE (violin)

seriously ! i   to listen this one so much !!
i love it? no!?
i heart it >,<  ♥  
*sorry,i'm a little crazy today* :P

Violin cover of BLUE by BIGBANG 빅뱅

[YOUR HELP NEEDED!] He have submitted this to the BIGBANG COVER CONTEST. If you would like to help him, please follow these steps, it will take less than a minute:
2) Above the videos list there are 3 drop downs. Change from [Date Added] to [Most Popular], and this video should be there somewhere.
3) Hit like!

Please feel free to share this video with your friends - EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Thank you :)

pretty and handsome,, can you help him please ? ♥  
vote for him~ okieey?  


Sunday, March 4, 2012

B1A4 reveales pre-release single, “This Time Is Over” & photo teaser ft Baro

B1A4 has just released a brand new single titled, “This Time Is Over“!
The single that was announced just yesterday is B1A4′s official pre-release song, and will be one of the ten tracks on B1A4′s full album ‘IGNITION‘ that is scheduled to be release on March 14th.
“This Time Is Over” is a bitter pop track about love with beautiful string chords in the instrumental. Take a listen peeps !

 already fall in love with this song  

B1A4 has also just released a brief ‘IGNITION’ video teaser .check this :

and also 1st solo image teaser,guess who?
BARO !!!

he's hot right?? ♥ ♥ 
 oh please Baro!don't mess my bias list >< :P

p/s: i miss his blonde hair ;_____;

[ B1A4 will be having their full album comeback on March the 14th ]

Track list:
1. Get Moving (Intro)
2. P.U.B (Title)
3. This Time is Over (Single) [Releasing tomorrow]
4. So Bad Bad
5. Single Night
6. Oh-Eh
7. Don’t Stay Here
8. Tease Me
9. Beautiful Target” (Runway Remix)
10. O.K (Hot Spot Mix)

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