Wednesday, April 13, 2011

U-Kiss Dongho crying in Gangsimjang – Why?

Seoul, Korea – SBS Gangsimjanga aired on April 12, Dongho revealed that he once ran away from home and hurt their parents deeply and ended up shedding tears.

At that time Dongho was seventeen and suffered from the hectic schedules in his stormy period of adolescence. Dongho often did not show up for shooting, went astray and finally ran away from home.

After running away to Busan, Dongho turned on his cell phone for the moment to check the phone number of one of his friends. Among about 70 to 80 missed calles, one of the text messages caught his attention – his mom’s long text message.

He could not help but read it: “you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but can you at least stay beside me?” Also, that day was his grandfather’s 80th birthday.

He was shaken by the message, and after being hesitant for a while, decided to go to his grandfather’s house. There, he met his mom and felt sorry, who looked relieved although she tried to hide it by looking angry.

Also, Dongho said there was one more thing that still hurts him even now, which was the picture of his grandfather’s birthday not including Dongho, and his mom in the picture forcing a smile, which made him unable to hold back his tear in the studio.

The other guests in the show expressed their regrets at Dongho’s honest confession

On the other hand, he also made a lot of funny comments as well, such as “I think I look old – the seniors around me ask for my consultation when they feel down and feel like running away.”

By Bae Eun Sul (

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean)
Photo from ReviewStar DB
Translated by Yesul Kwak /

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