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[ENG] Taemin 30-Seconds Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

[ENG] Key 30-Second Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

[ENG] Minho 30-Second Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

[ENG] Jonghyun 30-Seconds Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

[ENG] Onew 30-Second Speech for SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

2PM’s Jang Wooyoung was chosen to have the most distinctive childhood photos

Summary: 2PM’s Jang Wooyoung was chosen to have the most distinctive childhood photos. Compared to other idols, the netizens chosen his photos as the cutest, because they drew their attention immediately. The photo brought smiles to the viewers faces, because it portrayed Jang Wooyoung with a face and sharp glance which haven’t changed up till now.

Source: TVdaily | summary by : Egle @2pmalways

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[Eng] SHINee raising fund message for Japan

[Onew] Hello everyone , we are SHINee . We are very worried as on the 11th march due to the earth quake at Japan there's a lot of casualties.

[Key] Yes , no matter how thought the situation & surround is , we will help each other with nation spirit .

[Minho] We SHINee also together with Red cross will share the burden with Japan. Everyone please play a part in helping Japan too!

CHINESE translation @SMSHINee闪耀星球 , Eng , forevershinee video credit from : sina

Hongki’s Japanese Drama – Muscle Girl’s Trailer

“Muscle Girl” will begin airing on both MBS and TBS channel, on the respective dates and time slots below.

Date: 23rd April 2011 (Sat)
Time: 0030 – 0100hrs (JST)

Date: 19th April 2011 ( Tue)
Time: 0055 – 0125hrs (JST)

Don’t forget to stay tuned!

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BIGBANG Greetings to Malaysian Fans

malaysian VIP!!
how's your feeling!!??

SHINee's Key speaks English for Japan Red Cross at MTV

SHINEE,,,,so sweet!key..good job dear!!
shinee hwaiting!lets pray for japan!!

Onew explains why he tackled Luna during ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’

SHINee’s leader Onew explained the story behind his hilarious tackle from January’s ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’.

On March 22nd’s episode of “Strong Heart“, photos were brought out of Onew’s infamous tackle-flop onto his labelmate, f(x)’s Luna. Onew explained, “I ran to Luna because she got first place and I was so happy for her. But, I didn’t see the metal rail in front of me, and so I tripped and fell over it.”

This led to the photo of the two hugging and looking quite uncomfortable . Leeteuk joked, “I think you fell so you could hug Luna.”

Onew added, “I couldn’t control my speed but once I hit Luna, I could.”

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[Eng Sub] Onew saw a ghost in SHINee Dorm that look like Minho+Taemin Bonus

[NEWS] Shindong’s Shocking Confession “Actually, I’m Not Close With Donghae”

Super Junior’s Shindong made a confession on his awkward relationship with Donghae despite being fellow members for 6 years.

As a MC in MBC Super Junior’s Foresight, Shindong mentioned during the talk that, although he never had arguments with many of the members, but the weird thing is, there is a member who he has an awkward relationship with and that member is Donghae.

Being it a fact that Super Junior, which has been living together for 6 years, is a group that is more powerful and proud of themselves than any other groups else, Shindong’s confession had dealt a blow to everyone (at the studio). Not to mention spending time alone with one another, Shindong and Donghae had not even once, dine together with each other.

After which (,) Shindong recorded a short video message for Donghae “We must dine together someday” which led the studio in becoming a laughing sea.

Other than this, Eunhyuk who is a MC in Super Junior’s Foresight chose Kim Heechul as the member who is the hardest to talk to when he’s alone. Eunhyuk and Kim Heechul only dined together once but because it was too awkward, they didn’t talk (to each other) at all throughout the dinner. He then re-enacted the scene out, making the members burst out into laughter.

Source: BNT News
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KBS World New Schedule ( Starting From 28/3/2011 )

UTC + 8 : Beijing , Hong Kong, Bali , KL , Manila, Singapore , Perth


- Qualification Of Men ( 16:50 )

- 2 Days 1 Night with subs ( 18:00 )

- Music Bank with English Subs ( 22:10 )


- Happy Together ( 16:50 )

- Music Bank with English Subs ( 18:00 )

- Oh! My School ( 22:10 )

- Win Win ( 23:20 )


- Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 ( 16:50 )

- Gag Concert with Subs ( 18:00 )

- Happy Together ( 22:10 )

- Vitamin ( 23:20 )


- Oh! My School ( 16:50 )

- Win Win ( 18:00 )

- Qualifications Of Men ( 22:10 )

- Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 ( 23:20 )


- Gag Concert with Subs ( 00:30 )

- Vitamin ( 12:30 )

- Music Bank Live( 17:00 )

- Entertainment Weekly ( 18:20 )

- Two Days One Night ( 22:10 )


- Music Bank ( 01:00 )

- Star Date ( 09:50 )

- Invincible Youth Special ( 16:20 )

- Star Date ( 18:40 )


- Oh! My School ( 12:20 )

- Happy Sunday ( 16:20 )

For UTC+7 : Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi ,Russia Zone 6 ( Minus 1 hour )

For UTC+9 : Seoul , Tokyo, Palau , East Timor ( Plus 1 hour )

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