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2PM talks about Victoria, IU & girlfriends

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On June 21st, the members of 2PM sat down for an interview, and had a chance to talk about the topic of girls.

Nichkhun, who is currently participating in MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘ with f(x)’s Victoria, commented, “Through filming for the show with Victoria, I was able to learn a lot more about women. For example, I learned how to present women with special events when they aren’t feeling too happy.

He continued, “I’ve grown very fond of Victoria. I feel like we’ve become good friends, and think that is the reason we are able to naturally show skinship. It’s been a year since we’ve met but we still sometimes feel awkward around each other. There’s also a side to me that’s timid and shy.

On the other hand, Wooyoung, who had participated in the drama ‘Dream High‘ with IU, said with a sigh, “After people found out that I had taken IU out for dinner, things became uncomfortable between us. When I sent her a text saying, “Do you hate me”, she replied back with, “We’re fine now”, but didn’t text me again after that. When we see each other at a broadcasting station, she’ll just give me a quick smile and run away.

He added, “We’re just friends but I think I’m maybe trying too hard to become better friends with her.

When asked about the topic of girlfriends, the members expressed their honest thoughts on the matter.

Wooyoung replied, “I don’t think that there is anything wrong with having a girlfriend.

He continued, “From a singer’s point of view, without any relationship experience, it would be difficult to express your sincere feelings while singing a song, so I think it would be a lie for us to say that we have absolutely no previous relationship experience.

Junho commented, “I think carrying out a relationship with the little time you have requires true talent“, to which Taecyeon jokingly replied, “I think you’re all praising yourselves a bit too much.

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[ENG] Minho is well-mannered even from young days @ 110530 Sukira cut

that's why i love minho s00 much~


Boyfriend showed a awesome side unlike rookies.

On KBS2 'Music Bank' aired on the 24th, with MC Hyunwoo and Minzy, Boyfriend performed their title song 'BOYFRIEND' from their first mini album. Boyfriend received a hot response on this broadcast, unlike rookies they put on a strong performance with perfect visuals and caught the attention of viewers.

Boyfriend is an impressive song, a urban R&B genre with stylish and sophisticated rhythm, melody line produced by their brave hyung. It is also a love story with a lovely young boys confession through the song lyrics "I want to be your boyfriend, I want to protect you" which catches the hearts of girls.

On the other hand, other groups also performed on this day.



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IU and Luna to perform a special stage on Inkigayo

Friends are people that support each other in times of hardship, spend time with each other for fun, and are like each other's family. Idol stars' busy schedules prevent many of them from developing a normal life as they would following a typical route of regular school attendance and continuing their education. It is in schools that many young people make most of their friends, for that is an area that people frequent often and therefore socialize the most. Idols, trained and constantly shuttled to and fro to accommodate their busy schedules, often do not attend school, or if they do attend school, are often absent for extensive periods.

How, then, do idols find support within their peers? Of course, idols may depend on their families to always be their bulwarks, but often idols grow close to their group members. Often times, members of idol groups will display their closeness and affection towards their groupmates. It is also often stated that idols feel like their groupmates are some of their closest friends.

Yet, not all idols may enjoy the luxury of having a group to bond with. The path of a solo artist is inherently a lonelier road to travel, as there is usually little opportunity for the star to interact with others of the same age and field unless there is a broadcast scheduled with other idols -- and even then, there is no guaranteed time to interact, as filming must be taken seriously. For artists like IU who walk in the spotlight alone, the nature of their work would seem to indicate a somewhat solitary lifestyle.

However, it has become a trend of idol stars to make friends with those also of their birth year, and one such friendship is that of IU and Luna of f(x), both born in 1993. The two young girls have often been the topic of conversation for their unusually close bond, as they have appeared on official broadcasts and on personal outings together displaying their friendship, as shown through fantaken captures of IU and Luna playing together last year at Lotte World and the highly publicized variety show that featured Jiyeon of T-ara, IU, and f(x)'s Luna on one episode. In a more recent display of their friendship, Luna appeared as a guest at IU's first official fanmeeting to surprise IU. During the fanmeeting, fans took many photos capturing IU and Luna playfully joking around.

Posted Image

One of the more popular images that fans expressed interest in was a capture of Luna and IU happily singing to each other. Fans remarked that they wished very much that the two would officially stand together on a stage and perform together, as the two not only regard each other highly in the eyes of a friend, but also in the eyes of respect for a likewise talented singer.

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Delighting fans, IU and Luna released news this week that they would come together and create a special stage on this week's Inkigayo. Inkigayo will highlight several artists in special stages: 2AM's Jo Kwon will perform "Let's Go Traveling" with Girl's Day; MBLAQ is supposedly preparing a remix of their debut song "Oh Yeah" and one other track; Kim Hyunjoong and Heo Youngsaeng will perform "Twist King"; G.NA and Wheesung will sing "In Summer"; and f(x)'s Luna and IU will perform the song "Festival". While collaboration stages are undoubtedly important for any artist, for singers like IU and Luna, special performances such as these not only showcase their stage performance capabilities but also give them opportunities to spend time together doing the thing they love most--music--together.

For these two artists, the upcoming Inkigayo stage will be one that will prove memorable to them not only as professionals but also as friends.

Source: iheartfx and weheartiu

Daesung's charges may halt Big Bang's activities

We recently reported on the autopsy results concerning last month's fatal traffic accident between Big Bang's Daesung and motorcyclist Hyun. It was determined that Daesung is responsible for Hyun's death and will be charged for negligence as a driver with still unknown charges. The charges will be decided by authorities, but according to law, he may face a jail time of five years or a $20,000 USD fine.Unfortunately, as a result of this accident, YG Entertainment has decided to temporarily halt Daesung's activities. On the 25th, Big Bang will hold a mini concert in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, without Daesung. A representative from YG Entertainment said, "The concert will proceed as planned; TOP, G-Dragon, Seungri, and Taeyang will attend. Daesung will be absent. Daesung will be refraining from activities for the time being to reflect over the situation."

He continued, "Big Bang has completed its activities for the first half of the year and will have a break after the concert on the 25th." Big Bang's activities without Daesung are still unknown but will be discussed among the agency and the group's members.Since the accident, Daesung has been staying in his dormitory and is under great shock.

What do you think about the accident's impact on Big Bang's future activities?

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B2ST to perform on ‘MTV World Stage’ as Korea’s representatives

Cube Entertainment has just revealed to allkpop that B2ST will perform as Korea’s representative artists at MTV’s “World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011 (WSLIM 2011)”!

The event will take place on July 24th at Malaysia’s Shah Alam i-City. The boys plan to captivate the crowd with a fantastic performance and bold stage presence. They’ll also be performing alongside many world-famous musicians, like American rock band, Thirty Seconds To Mars.

B2ST commented, “We’re happy that we are going to Malaysia to perform on stage with world-famous artists. Many people from around the globe watch and listen to B2ST through YouTube, but we’re excited to get our live performance broadcasted all over the world.

B2ST is the only Korean artist to be invited this year, and is the second Korean artist – following theWonder Girls - to ever perform on MTV’s “World Stage”. It’s a dream come true for Malaysian fans as well, since B2ST will host a fan-meet tour in the country prior to performing on MTV.

The addition of B2ST to the event line-up sheds light to the rapidly growing K-pop phenomenon that is gaining popularity not only in Asia, but in Europe and South America as well. ‘WSLIM 2011′ will be broadcasted in 160 countries, and viewers from around the world will be able to watch B2ST’s performance as well as their behind-the-scenes footage.

B2ST will officially kick off their overseas promotions starting with their Malaysia fan-meet tour on July 1st, after which they’ll head for Japan to promote their second Japanese single, “Bad Girl”.

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