Monday, May 30, 2011

SNSD’s Yoona thanks her fans for the birthday messages

SNSD’s Yoona left a long, heartfelt message for fans on her birthday.

On May 30th, Yoona sent a text message to fans through UFO town, stating, “To everyone who has always given me strength and encouragement^^ I truly thank you for congratulating me and sending me much love this year too.”

She added, “These days, I have been busy preparing for the Japanese tour~ The tour starts tomorrow, but my heart is pounding… I want to show everyone in Korea soon, too! Please look forward to us^^”.

Although she’s busy preparing for SNSD’s first Japanese arena tour, Yoona showed that she’s still thinking of all her fans both near and far. “Even in Japan, I always monitor congratulatory messages and love from fans in Korea!! keke You guys are the best!!”

She wrapped up her message with, “There are so many things I want to say, but I will send another message later..kekeke Please take care of your health, and since the weather is nice, enjoy each day with a joyful heart!! Thank you so much and I love you.^^”

SNSD will kick off their Japanese arena tour in Tokyo on May 31st, before heading over to Osaka, Saitama, Hiroshima, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. The girls will be performing a total of 14 concerts.

Source: JoongAng via Nate

Are artists receiving their fair share of the expanding profits?

The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) recently reported about the uncomfortable reality of profit distribution that those in power seem to be ignoring.

According to their report, the Korean music market is growing faster than ever.

The size of the music industry in 2010 recorded at $3,028,900,000, a 12.7% increase from 2009, where the industry recorded at $2,740,700,000. However, despite the size of the pie supposedly growing bigger, artists are still left with empty plates.

Why is that?

Choi Sung Hwan, a researcher for Yu Hwa Securities Co., revealed his investigations and found that for each song that is downloaded, 46% of the profit went to the distribution company, 40% to the agency, 9% to the composer and lyricist, and just 5% to the actual singer.

For online music sites like MelOn, where they offer 150 song downloads for $11 USD a month, each song basically amounts to 7.3 cents. Per download, the artist receives less than 0.4 cents per track, thereby lending weight to the ‘empty plate’ argument.

Source: Sisain via Naver

Fans celebrate Khuntoria couple’s 1 year anniversary

Fans put up a bus ad to celebrate Khuntoria couple’s 1 year anniversary.

The couple’s Chinese fan club wrote on the 31st, “Khuntoria couple’s 1 year anniversary bus ad will run in Seoul for one month.”

This “We Got Married” couple surely has a lot of fans. A year ago, the two got together for the first time at the 63 Building and already, it’s been a year. When Nichkhun was going to the building, he took a bus and a picture of his wife, Victoria, was on the back of the bus. In memory of this funny event, the fans decided to utilize the bus to celebrate their anniversary.

Fans wrote, “I hope more people will pay attention to the couple through this ad.”

The bus has a picture of them and a message written in Thai, Chinese and Korean.

Source: Money Today via Nate News

credit to allkpop

B2ST’s Yoseob hopes to break the ‘three second idol singers’ stereotype

After making a comeback with their first official album, “Fiction and Fact“, B2ST’s main vocalistYoseob sat down for an interview with Sports Chosun to speak for the group on idols being stereotyped as ‘three-second singers’.

The stereotype first came about after idol groups began adding members that sang no more than three seconds’ worth of lines; the weight of the song was placed more firmly onto the main vocalist instead.

Addressing the stereotype, Yoseob said, “We want to break that stereotype. It’s not right for groups to put the weight of the song on one member alone, and we’ve reached a point where we’re now regarded as ‘three-second singers’.”

He continued, “Through this album, we hope to show that each of our members have live vocal talents. We practiced very hard and garnered more skills along the way, Dongwoon especially. In order to show our improvements, we made sure to distribute the parts evenly so that fans can hear each of our voices.”

When asked whether it was difficult for them to pull off “Fiction” live since the tone is higher than what male groups usually go for, he replied, “The only hard part was the initial recording process. We were busy preparing for our comeback and recorded about two songs a day. When we had to redo recordings or complete intros, we’d do three songs in a day. Compared to ‘Shock‘ and ‘Soom‘, I think this song fits us the best. It’s a lot easier to sing.”

Reporters asked, “Don’t you think it’s easier because you’ve improved?”, to which Yoseob humbly replied, “No, it’s not like that at all. I still have a long way to go.”

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate

credit to allkpop

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