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SECRET’s Sunhwa says she does not have a boyfriend

In a recent recording for KBS2TV’sHello“, SECRET’s Sunhwa revealed that she did not currently have a boyfriend.

Guests on the show took part in a corner where they revealed their worries and complaints. The topic transitioned to the stars discussing all of the things that had gone wrong before their trip to Jeju Island, which led Sunhwa to abruptly add in, “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

When asked to elaborate, she continued, “I’ve always wanted to go to Jeju Island. I’ve only been there once for work, but I’d love to go there for vacation and look at all the flowers and ride a bike around.”

When asked who she would like to go with, she replied, “I want to go with my future boyfriend.”

Jung Chan Woo playfully stated, “Don’t lie!“, causing Sunhwa to bluntly retort, “I really don’t have a boyfriend yet!”

Check out the full episode on April 18th at 11:05 PM KST.

Source: My Daily

YHY - U-KISS - 0330

huhhuhhuu~its u-kiss again
like i said before~cant stop from loving this song...^^
also dongho and kevin too~~~!!ahaakksss~
u-kiss oppa!!!hwaiting!!

SunSun Moments(sungmin and sunny)~sweet together!

sungmin(super junior) and sunny(snsd)=sunsun couple!
i really3 love this couple
ahhh~they're so sweet together~*jealous
always support this couple~
i want them for 'we got married'..
the producer..hear me,,,
i want this couple on WGM!!!!!
please....~~~~*begging and look at u with sad face!!

Co-ed School's 200th day anniversary!

Coed School celebrated their 200th day since debut!

Member Chanmi shared the photo above on Twitter a while ago,she mentioned that she has forgotten about it already but their fans are caring enough to present the 200th day anniversary cake to them,she likes the cake so much!

Congratulations to Coed School,please comeback soon!

[News] Super Junior Heechul Makes Lunch

Super Junior’s Heechul recently tweeted to announce that he made lunch, and also uploaded a picture.

Heechul tweeted, “The weekend is back. I made today’s lunch. Used the pollack soup + Spam + kimchi + kimchi…it was a feast~ I haven’t been here because I’ve been playing the piano. I’m the king of cooking, and I have a feeling I’ll be a piano king.”

Heechul also uploaded a picture of the “feast” he prepared, consisting of pollack soup, Spam, kimchi, and more kimchi.


Photo Credits: (both)

Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang

[Eng Sub] Yoseob(Beast) is IU's fanboy

what a cute couple~om00~love to see yoseob fanboying!!!!
and its impossible to dislike this adorable couple..
yoseob~the m0st excited one..esp when iu sing son dam bi's song(queen)~
and the happiest with iu's wink!!!!!aiiGooOo~

Why did Nichkhun tear up in front of Victoria?

Why did 2PM’s Nichkhun show tears in front of his wife, f(x)’s Victoria?

The upcoming episode of MBC’s “We Got Married – Season 3“, shows the second part of Nichkhun’s and Victoria’s mission as “one-day journalists”, assigned to introduce the taste of Korea for a “worldwide tourism brochure”.

After covering a restaurant that specializes in samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup), Nichkhun and Victoria went to the bossam (cabbage wraps with pork) shop that Nichkhun went to when he first came to Korea. With the help of 2PM’s Chansung, Nichkhun was able to cover the story as well as any professional journalist.

However, while he was covering the story with Victoria, an unexpected incident took place. Nichkhun, who was conducting an in-depth coverage of the restaurant, had a sudden rush of emotion, and even showed some tears.

Surprised at seeing Nichkhun’s sudden emotion, Victoria became silent. After the recording, she revealed her true feelings about her husband’s tears.

For more details, be sure to tune into “We Got Married” on April 16th (or check back with allkpop for updates!).

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Super Junior’s Donghae, image of washing dishes is revealed ‘Husband-candidate Wannabe’

Donghae from male group Super Junior is crowned as “Husband-candidate Wannabe” through his image of family alike.

On the 16, Donghae posted a picture on his twitter. In the picture, he showed a concept of family man through his image of washing dishes in the kitchen.

Especially, Donghae has brought women’s warm “wife smile” through him showing a natural image of experienced dish-washing skill.

Netizens showed various responses on it , “Donghae is completely a husband-candidate!” , “I’ll get married to this kind of man~”, “Ah! The face is heartwarming ~ the action is also heartwarming!” , “Come here~Let’s live with me!”

source : TV REPORT
translated by ♥~pinkninja @SJ-WORLD.NET

Park Yoochun's video with a child actress is a hot topic among netizens

A video capture of JYJ's Park Yoochun with a child star continues to be a hot topic amongst netizens.

Recently, a video of Park Yoochun together with child actress Kim Yoobin sitting on his lap has been receiving responses from netizens. They seem jealous of the child, who seems to have a warm interaction with Yoochun while in a waiting room, dubbing Yoochun "DdalBabo." Kim Yoobin is the same actress who played Choi Siwon's daughter in the SBS drama "Oh My Lady."

After watching the video, netizens expressed their jealousy by leaving comments such as, “There is a 99.9% chance that Yoochun will be a DdalBabo,” “I’m so jealous of the child,” and “they look really happy together.”

The term "DdalBabo" is an abbreviation for "Ddalman Bara Boda" which is a parent who only has eyes for his or her daughter.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is currently filming for the MBC drama "Ripley" which is set to be aired in May.

Posted Image

Source: DongaNews, Baidu and DongBangData
credit to the owner~

Male idols with the best sense of style

“Handsome and fashionable?”
Lately, an idol’s every move seems to be garnering an increasing amount of attention from fans. The actions of K-pop stars offstage, as well as their usual appearances on stage, have become the center of attention for many netizens.

The most discussed subject matter is, of course, idols’ fashion choices. Hoping to stay on top of the current and upcoming fashion trends, fans look to see how their favorite idols dress when their stylist isn’t around. Many idol groups have the ability to wear casual, everyday clothing like a t-shirt and jeans while still appearing fashionable and well-groomed. Whether they wear designer or no-name brands, these celebrities always know how to look great.

There are a number of male idols who have become favorites for fashion-lovers. Even without a stylist, these men know how to look good in the clothes they purchase. Keep reading to find out Korea’s most fashionable male idols!

Posted Image

"The Perfect Onscreen Boyfriend”: JYJ's Park Yoochun
With intense eyes and a small face, smooth skin and broad shoulders, Yoochun can only be described by unrealistic terms for his attractive appearance, known for causing the pulses of women to quicken. The star is known for being able to wear whatever he desires—cardigans, UGG boots, and other clothing men typically avoid—while still appearing stylish and manly. Even in the recently published photos from the MBC drama “Ripley,” Yoochun showed off his perfectly straight shoulders while sporting a suit. This led to numerous praises from female fans like, “What unrealistic perfection,” and “He is the perfect onscreen boyfriend.”

Posted Image

Posted Image

“The Picture Perfect Man”: JYJ's Kim Jaejoong
Jaejoong’s fashion sense rivals that of his fellow group member, Yoochun. Regardless of what he wears, the singer always looks like he just came from a photoshoot. His clothing often draws the attention of fans, especially his smiley-face printed hoodie, deep V-neck T-shirts, jumpers and other unique items. In a photo recently taken during rehearsals for their world tour, Jaejoong was shown wearing a "Hello Kitty" tracksuit. This attracted the interest of many netizens, who wrote comments such as “How fashionable!” and “Your fashion sense is even chic during rehearsals.”

Posted Image

“The Unique Trendsetter” – Big Bang’s G-Dragon
G-Dragon has always been praised for his unique fashion sense. Men from their early teenage years to even late twenties have confessed their desire to be like this star. Many clothing brands have expressed interest in hiring G-Dragon as their model, including Bean Pole and G-Market. Known for being a trendsetter, he has often been admired for dressing in a style of his own rather than following the crowd.

Posted Image

“The Walking Piece of Art” – SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong
Kim Hyunjoong is known for appearing radiant while wearing natural, casual clothing. His style consists of t-shirts with skinny jeans, black sunglasses, and a matching backpack, showing a preference for comfort over chic. Even though he appears nonchalant in his pictures, his overall good-looking, fashionable appearance has caused netizens to comment, “What photoshoot are you supposed to be at?” and "He's a walking piece of art!"

Posted Image

“The Future Fashion Designer" – SHINee’s Key
The sensitivity of Key to what is currently fashionable has caused him to become one of the leading idols in styles and trends. His style is cute, but also chic, and manly enough to capture attention of both males and females. It would not be an overstatement to claim that his sense of color matching is one of the best in the idol world. Even at first glance, the color schemes that Key chooses in his outfits are refreshing to the eye. There are high expectations for the idol as a fashion designer, as well as in music.

Don’t see a certain idol up there? Leave a comment below with who you think should be on the best-dressed list!

Fashion Friday on reflects the opinion of Lucy, Koreaboo's fashion expert, and will be a weekly column run every Friday. Like this article? Send your requests to and we'll be sure to write on it!

Sources: tvdaily, baidu and tohosomnia

p/s:its key!!he's the right one...huhuhu~but in shinee members..its minho....and onew too..(maybe)..i love their style and comfortable with it..its just simple~

Get pumped with allkpop at KMF 2011: iPad, goodies & special guests!

full credit to allkpop~

With April 30th fast approaching, the attendees scheduled for the 9th Korean Music Festival, which is being put on by the Korea Times, have been getting everyone pretty excited — including us staff members at allkpop! We can’t wait to see everyone there, so allkpop is getting pumped at the Hollywood Bowl with festivities that will go on for the entire afternoon before the concert!

As we announced a few weeks ago, the allkpop booth will be jazzed up with quite a few special features, including the ever-talented DJ REXROWDEE (, who will be showing off his newest & hottest K-pop mixes live.

Furthermore, a handful of celebrity guests, including One Way’s Chance, Jennifer Chung, Clara Cand more (to be announced), will be dropping by to meet fans, sign autographs, and take photos!

The allkpop staff will be offering a ton of free thunderstick concert goodies, plus autographed albums will be awarded throughout the day for free. Furthermore, we’re hosting a brand new allkpop customized iPad giveaway. To enter, you must pick up a special postcard at our booth with a special code on it to unlock the exclusive KMF badge. The postcards will be limited on a first come, first serve basis, so remember to grab yours before we run out! Oh and we’ll also be giving out a bunch of k-pop albums for free, sponsored by! Do we have some epic giveaways or what?!

Special Limited Edition: KMF 2011 Badge

Special Limited Edition: KMF 2011 Badge

To RVSP & receive the latest updates on this event, make sure to click ‘Attending’ on our official Facebook event page.

The performers line-up has already been officially announced, and it’s scheduled to feature: Jay Park,U-KISS, 4minute, SECRET, SISTAR, K.Will, Baek Ji Young, G.NA, DJ D.O.C, Jeong Soo Ra, Sul Woon Do, Kim Jang Hoon, Jeon Young Rok, Song So Hee, and Lee Eun Ha. If you’re able to make it out to the show in Los Angeles on April 30th, we highly recommend grabbing tickets while they’re still available and making those travel plans ASAP, as this year’s show will definitely be one to remember.

Make sure to check out allkpop’s extensive coverage of the Korean Music Festival 2010 through ourevent recap, high-definition photo sets, and videos.

For more on the Korean Music Festival and to purchase tickets, check out the links below:

Official Website
Facebook Page

more and more!

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