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110411 [Exclusive] BEAST takes a picture at the fanclub 'B2UTY' inauguration


[Exclusive] BEAST takes a picture at the fanclub 'B2UTY' inauguration

Breath-taking seduction! The 6 different colors of the 6 beastly idols!

The group BEAST had celebrated their meeting with fans through a hotly fan service.

On the 2nd, each of the members had appeared in front of the camera with a pose that displayed their self at the Seoul Hwajung Gymnasium for their fan meeting / fan club inauguration.

The fanclub’s name is B2UTY. It is a fan club name that matches very well with BEAST. Holding their fan club inauguration in 1 year and 6 months since their debut, Yoon Doojoon stated, “It has been over a year since our debut so we apologize for holding the fan club inauguration now. We also hope that everyone here would have a fun time.”
Filled with continuous laughter and cheers throughout the meeting of b2uties and BEAST, Sports Korea was there to cover the event.

# Reveals?
At the event, the members played the ‘Son Byungho Game’. Whenever someone said something that applied to another person, that person would climb up the stairs one by one. They attracted the fans attention with topics like “fake sideburns,” “real height,” and “the amount of money they actually make.”

# The day Kikwang’s ears fell off
Kikwang, who recently had his birthday, received a birthday cake at the event. Perhaps it is because Lee Kikwang had received praises from 5,000 fans, but his smile is stretched up to his ears.

# If it is with Kim Shinyoung
The MC at the event was the comedian, Kim Shinyoung. Through her clever phrases, the laughter came out nonstop. In the segment about ‘Let’s ask BEAST’, Yong Junhyung was chosen as the member like a mother with the worst nags and Son Dongwoon was chosen as the member attracted the most with food.

# Expression of the BEAST
Other than the segments with the members, BEAST sang and . The stage manners simulating a concert feel helped to hype everyone up.

# Pictures at the waiting room
Before the event, the members each posed a different pose to show the fans. Compared to the loud laughs and thumb pose from Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang, the cute pose of Yang Yoseob with the V pose makes him look adorable. Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung, and Son Dongwoon stood in front of the camera with a pose full of charisma.

# We are BEAST!
Yong Junhyung, Jang Hyunseung, Lee Kikwang, Yang Yoseob, Yoon Doojoon, and Son Dongwoon (from left to right) posed to commemorate the fan meeting. The poses from playfulness to nervousness shows off their different colors.


BEAST's Yoon Doojoon and Yang Yoseob's share a kiss at a fan inauguration event!


인기 그룹 비스트가 4월 2일 서울 고려대학교 화정 체육관에서 데뷔 후 첫 팬클럽 창단식 ‘뷰티 앤 더 비스트’(B2UTY and the BESAST)의 행사를 가졌다.

이날 비스트는 전국 각지는 물론 해외에서 한달음에 달려와준 5천명의 팬들에게 2시간 30분 동안 콘서트를 방불케 하는 열정적인 무대를 선보였다.

비스트는 무대 아래에서 강렬하게 등장해 히트곡 ‘쇼크’로 팬미팅의 포문을 열었다.

이후 개그우먼 강신영의 진행으로 이뤄진 ‘비스트에게 물어봐’, ‘정답! 상황문답’등 코너를 통해 그동안 멤버들에게 궁금했던 점들을 해소해주는 시간을 마련했다.

비스트는 ‘식탐이 많은 멤버’로는 동운을 ‘잔소리를 잘하는 멤버’로는 용준형을 꼽았다.

또 상황문답 시간에는 여자친구에게 보고싶다라는 문자를 받았을 때 어떤 답장을 할 것인가 라는 질문에 현승은 “미투다”양요섭은 “mosr than you 흐규흐규ㅠㅠ”윤두준 “뒤돌아봐” 이기광은 “거기서 기다려” 용준형은 “내가 더” 라는 달달한 답장으로 팬들의 우레와 같은 환호를 받았다.

하지만 동운은 “나 지금 일있어 나중에 연락함”이라는 문자로 나쁜 남자의 면모를 보여 시선을 모았다.

‘노래방에서 여자친구가 깨방정을 떤다면?’상황질문에 멤버들은 코믹 댄스와 막춤을 선보였다.

특히 두준은 자신 앞에서 깨방정을 떠는 요섭에게 깜짝 키스를 하며 “용기 있는 자만이 미인을 얻는다. 자신감을 가져라”라고 외쳐 뜨거운 함성이 쏟아졌다.

이후 비스트의 강렬하고 파워풀한 무대가 이어지면서 현장은 절정에 달했다. ‘쇼크’에 이어 ‘숨’, ‘스페셜’, ‘니가 제일 좋아’, ‘오아시스’, ‘V.I.U’, ‘뷰티풀’ 등 총 7곡을 열창했다.

비스트는 “고맙고 영원히 함께 하자”는 마지막 말로 팬들에게 작별인사를 고했다.

소속사 큐브엔터테인먼트 관계자는 “비스트는 창단식의 무대 콘셉트는 물론이고 팬들과 교감하는 코너도 직접 구성했다”며 “개인스케줄을 조정하며 맹연습을 펼친 만큼 팬들도 만족하는 시간이 됐으면 좋겠다”라고 전했다.

한편, 비스트는 팬미팅을 마지막 공식행사로 네번째 정규 앨범 준비를 위해 잠시 휴식기에 들어간다. 정규앨범은 4월 중순 발매 예정이다.


Popular group BEAST had held their fan club inauguration titled, ‘B2UTY and the BEAST’ at the Seoul Goryeo University Hwangjun Gymnasium on April 2nd.

On this day, BEAST had held a 2 hour and 30 minutes long concert like event for the 5,000 fans, some including fans all around Korea and even overseas .

BEAST powerfully entered the bottom stage and opened up the fan-meeting with their hit song ‘Shock’.

After, hosted by the comedian Kim Shinyoung, BEAST members had a time to expose hidden secrets about themselves through the corners titled, ‘Ask BEAST’ and ‘Answer! What would you do in this situation’.

BEAST had chosen member Yong Junhyung as the ‘member with the most greed in food’ and the ‘member who nags the most’.

Also, in the situational answer corner, when they were asked what would they do if they got a text messages from their girlfriend that she misses them, Hyunseung stated that he will text back "Me too", Yoseob will text back "more than you sob sob ㅠㅠ", Yoon Doojoon will text back "Turn around", Lee Kikwang will text back "Wait there", and Yong Junhyung will text back "I miss you even more", winning praises from the fans.

However Dongwoon had showed off his bad boy side by texting back, "I am working right now, I will call you back later".

To the situation ‘What would you do if your girlfriend goes crazy at the karaoke,’ BEAST members answered back with comical and crazy dances.

In particular, BEAST’s Doojoon had a surprise kiss on Yoseob stating, “Only the ones with courage will able to win a beauty. Have courage,” followed up by strong shouts from the crowd as well.

After this, the event heated up with the performances of ‘Breath’, ‘Special’, ‘I Like You the Best’, ‘Oasis’, ‘V.I.U.’, and ‘Beautiful’ after the performance of ‘Shock’, performing seven songs in total.

BEAST left with the last words, “Thank you and let’s be together forever.”

Their management Cube Entertainment stated, “BEAST members had planned out the concept for the fan inauguration and even the corners to interact with the fans. We hope that the fans will have been satisfied with the event because they had worked hard to the point that they were fixing their personal schedules for more practice.”

Meanwhile, the fan meeting will be the last public event as BEAST members will be going into a break time to prepare for their 4th official album. The official album is planned to release sometime mid-April.

SOURCE : dongA

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Lee Joon, ''Honestly, I can't act very well in front of female partners''

Male group MBLAQ's Lee Joon revealed his honest feelings regarding his recent partnership with IU and T-ara's Jiyeon.

Lee Joon has been at the center of attention through his appearance with IU in the music video, "My Heart is Beating," which K.will made a comeback with. Furthermore, he has also received attention through his involvement in dubbing the animated movie "Gnomeo and Juliet" with Jiyeon.

Compared to his other members he has frequently worked alongside his female peers in the music industry but in an interview with TVDaily he confessed that, "I've never considered myself to be lucky in regards to my female partners."

He said, "Everything is just work and we're all participating in projects to do well so I've never thought about it being a case of luck" and further stated, "They're all very good at what they do and as their peer, the extent of my interest in them is thinking, 'They're really good.'"

Lee Joon continued by saying, "Honestly, in front of my female counterparts I'm not very good at acting. So when I'm filming individually I tell them that it's okay if they don't help me and I act while looking at their fists," revealing a different side.

On another note, MBLAQ held their last stage on SBS' 'Inkigayo' on the 20th and ended their promotions for their first album, which they released one year and two months after their debut.

Source: Nate

[News] Super Star K3's Theme song sung by Super Junior K.R.Y to be revealed on the 15th

On April 15, Super Star K3’s theme song “Fly,” sung by Super Junior-K.R.Y. will be revealed via and other online music websites. The teaser to the music video will also be released on the same day.

“Fly” was written by composer Park Keuntae who wrote hit songs such as Baek Jiyoung’s “I won’t love,” and Jewelery’s “One more time.” The song is characterized by familiar melody, cheerful rock sound and grand orchestra sound.

Mnet revealed, “when you listen to this song, you feel like you are at an exciting festival. You can feel lively cheerfulness of many people who had their dreams come true through Super Star K. The lyrics reflect Super Star K’s intent on being the Korean music festival. The lyrics contains a message of support to those who are running toward their precious dreams.”

Super Junior-K.R.Y. said, “we’ve prepared this song with happy hearts believing that this song will give strength and courage to many people. We hope many people work up their courage through this song to have good results at the audition.

Meanwhile, Super Star K3 is receiving overwhelming interest with over 1,200,000 people applying to audition in just a month.

Source: Osen
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[Video] Ukiss plays '0330' on MCountdown!

Super Junior M making dumplings

Super Junior M Making dumplings ! Who wants to try some dumplings now ? ;)
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[News] Male Idols vs Male Actors Look-A-Likes

On a recent portal site bulletin, a netizen put together a collection of photos comparing popular idol singers to idol actors! When seen from a glance, they might seem like brothers, but look closer, they seem like total strangers! Can you tell their similarities?

Seen in the photo above, CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa and Jung Kyungho are seen having similar facial expressions. 2AM member Im Seulong and Ki Tae Young were compared for their bright smiles and attractive eye smiles. The most popular comparisons would have to be T.O.P and Juwan with their alike eye brow shape, next to MBLAQ Lee Joon and Jung Gyeowoon for having similar mouth shapes!

Other comparisons such as F.T. Island member Lee Hongki and Jang Geunsuk received praises for looking very brotherly. Park Yoochun and Yeon Jung Hoon were scouted for their similaries as Jung Hoon could pass as Yoochun's father. Lastly, Onew's adorable wink expression was almost parallel to Song Joonki's expression with their round cheeks and lip shape.
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Netizens parody f(x)’s retro “Pinocchio” teasers

While waiting for f(x)’s “Pinocchio” comeback, netizens have been spending their time creating parody teasers of the group’s unique retro images.

Amongst other idol parodies are the ‘big bosses’ – Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, and Kim Young Min – from the ‘big three’ agencies. Netizens have hilariously nicknamed them the ‘Boss Group‘.

Fans commented, “I want the Boss Group to debut!”, “The teaser is pretty no matter who you make it with”, and “I want to f(x) soon!”

Meanwhile, f(x) will be releasing their title track on April 18th, followed by their official comeback performance on “Music Bank” on the 22nd.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

credit to allkpop

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