Friday, April 15, 2011

the first broadcast of MTV’s “The Show” music program!!

On April 15th, MTV’s newest music talk show, “The Show“, aired its pilot episode from the MTVStudio.

The program was co-produced by MTV and KTH, and it aimed to introduce the hottest stars in K-Popthrough three different categories: “Hot Singer”, “Super Rookie”, and “Comeback Singer”.

After a special unit stage by MCs SECRET’s Hyosung and f(x)’s Luna, the show went on to featureKim Tae Woo, Wheesung, Rainbow, Clover, Kim Hyung Jun, Tony An, and many others.

MTV said, “Besides Korea, we will be showing it globally through our MTV network channels in 8 Asian countries including Japan, China, Malaysia, and many more.”

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p/s:wwuuoohhuuuu~!!!will be showing at malaysia??waiting for that!!

Take a listen to f(x)’s “Pinnochio” comeback track!(피노키오 (PINOCCHIO) - f(x) )

Their comeback is just a few short days away, but for those fans who just can’t wait any longer, the full audio for f(x)’s comeback track, “Pinnochio” has been revealed!

The song has a strong, thumping electronica sound that definitely gets you moving, and we can’t wait to see what the girls decided to do with its choreography.I hope the choreogrphy will be awesome!!and i start to love this song!

p/s:cant wait for their comeback!!!~

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