Friday, February 10, 2012

IU has plans to release a new song in Korea

After dominating the K-pop scene last year with her second full-length album ‘Last Fantasy‘, singer IUhas plans to release a new song in Korea.
She has yet to decide if the song will be released as a digital single or if it will serve as a follow-up track to her second album, but the song is nearing full completion.
Because the singer has plans to release her first Japanese single “Good Day” on March 21st, she will be focusing on her Japanese promotions for the time being and take some more time before deciding when to release her new song in Korea.
An IU representative informed OSEN on the 10th, “IU will be focusing on Japanese promotions in March, and it is difficult to say when she will be able to begin promotions in Korea. What’s for sure is that she plans to release a song to follow her hit “You & I”. It’s just a matter of when.”
In related news, IU is already heightening the expectations of the Japanese public, having already captured their hearts with her cute and multi-talented idol charm.

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B2ST successful kicks off their ‘Beautiful Show’ world tour in Seoul

 B2ST successfully completed their first world tour concert "Beautiful Show in Seoul" with support from over 12,000 fans in the audience.

B2ST held an exclusive concert, under the title of “B2ST 1st World Tour – Beautiful Show in Seoul,” at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park on February 4 from 6 p.m. for about 2 hours. “Beautiful Show in Seoul” showcased all of B2ST’s hit songs including ‘Soom,’ ‘Shock,’ and ‘Bad Girl,’ as well as stage debut performances of their newest singles, ‘I Knew It’ and ‘Living Without You.’This concert in Seoul has attracted special attention from people in the music scene because it’s the first concert of B2ST’s world tour, which will take place in about twenty cities all around the world.

B2ST started the concert with their hit songs, “Breath” and “Shock.” Their performances were very intense as befits the group’s character.

After the opening, B2ST said hi to the audiences, saying, “Did you miss us a lot?” They also got a laugh and hearty cheers from the audiences, saying, “The title of this concert is ‘Beautiful Show,’ and we can see so many ‘Beauties’ here.” Beauty is a name of B2ST’s official fan club.
At the concert, B2ST also performed rock versions of “Lights Go On Again,” “B2ST Is Best,” and “Master Mind.”
They also got the audiences excited by performing their new R&B song, “I Knew It,” released at the end of January, for the first time at the concert. Jun Hyung, a member and a producer of the group, also performed his solo song, “Living Without You,” for the first time at the concert.

Except for group performances, B2ST also had unit performances: Du Jun and Dong Woon’s “When The Door Closes,” Gi Kwang and Hyun Seung’s “Let It Snow,” Yo Seop and Jun Hyung’s “Thanks To,” Du Jun, Gi Kwang, and Jun Hyung’s “Should I Hug Or Not.”
Including their hit songs, “Fiction,” “The Fact,” “Bad Girl,” “On Rainy Days,” and “Beautiful,” B2ST performed nearly 30 songs at the concert.
The audiences cheered the six members on throughout the concert.

After a series of dazzling performances filled with special effects, B2ST thanked their fans with the following message: “We were so excited [about the concert] that we couldn’t sleep last night. We’ll make sure to get some rest tonight to provide you with a better show tomorrow. We would like to thank everyone who came to see us today.” 

Successfully finishing their first concert in Seoul, B2ST will continue their world tour at Columbiahalle in Berlin, Germany, on February 12. Columbiahalle is well-known as a concert hall where many famous musicians, like Sting and Boyz II Men, have performed. B2ST is holding next concert in Shanghai, China, on February 25.
After that, they will hold concerts in Spain, LA, New York, and San Francisco (U.S), Vancouver and Toronto (Canada), Singapore, five cities in Japan, Bangkok (Thailand), Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

CEO Hong Seung Sung of Cube Entertainment, B2ST’s agency, says, “B2ST are currently receiving attention from many other countries, where K-pop boom has recently started, besides Asian countries. In the year 2012, we will see how potential B2ST are and also prove the sustainability of K-pop through B2ST’s world tour.”


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