Thursday, May 19, 2011

SNSD takes over Hanyang University

On May 17th, SNSD was a hot issue on various online communities and Twitter. The reason for this was because they made an appearance at a music festival at Hanyang University.

SNSD captivated their audience by performing to ‘Gee’, ‘Run Devil Run’, ‘Oh!’, and ‘Hoot’. It was said that SNSD came back to Korea in between their busy Japanese promotions just to perform at the festival.

Also, the response to SNSD’s performance was simply amazing.

One netizen stated, “At this age, I never knew I would go back to the college I graduated from just to see SNSD. I never went anywhere just to see celebrities, but I waited 3 hours just to see SNSD.”

Another netizen stated, “It was so hectic that I thought Hanyang University was going to collapse. It was as though when the girls came out, all the students had an out of body experience. Also, when SNSD sang ‘Gee’ I was reminded of the military because of all the guys singing along to it.”

Other netizens commented, “I thought I was at some photography convention. Everyone here brought very high end cameras and camcorders. So much so that I was too embarrassed to film with my cell phone.”It was a good thing no one got hurt despite the large mass of people.” “Even though the other singers were good, SNSD was the winner and simply stood out above the rest.”

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