Thursday, May 19, 2011

B2ST stuns fans with dramatic “Fiction” MV plot

On May 17th, B2ST finally unveiled their long-awaited music video for their “Fiction comeback. This five-minute long, high-quality music video is already being deemed as a ‘music drama’ amongst music fans on YouTube and Gom TV.

The music video features dramatic scenes that intertwine with cuts of choreography. Aligning with the song’s heartbreaking lyrics, the video sees rapper Junhyung unwilling to accept that the woman he loves (Park Bo Young) has left him. He begins to write a fictional story in his head to continue his romance with her, as exemplified by the scenes weaving in and out of his imagination, contrasting starkly with his reality.

In response to the tremendous attention their comeback is garnering, leader Doojoon tweeted, “We’re all determined to go at this as if we’re all starting anew. This is our first album. We’ll be dancing and singing like this is our first time ever. I bow my head and ask you to please support us.”

Eight out of the 10 tracks included in “Fact and Fiction” are currently competing against each other amongst the ‘Top 10′ in music charts. Meanwhile, their first release, “Rainy Days“, is also still going strong.

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