Thursday, May 19, 2011

‎[NEWS][11.05.13] 'Music Bank' B1A4, 'O.K', 5 people 5 colors, Colourful radiating charm!

'Music Bank' B1A4, 'O.K', 5 people 5 colors, Colourful radiating charm!

Rookie group B1A4 showed another fresh stage.

On the 13th they appeared on KBS live broadcast programme 'Music Bank', showing off another lively stage.

On this broadcast,colorful costumes and lively charms appealed to many female fans. Stunning visuals and the lively stage was enough to captivate the viewer's eyes.

The title track of their debut mini-album, 'O.K' is a recent worldwide trend. B1A4's Rock-based electronic sounds in a cool, intense way, together with explosive vocals. It shows how much they have prepared.

Once you hear 'O.K" you will think that they are not rookies because of the lyrics and the addictive melody. B1A4's powerful vocals and perfect harmony is expected to cause a frenzy in the music industry.

Meanwhile, on this day, there were other performers like Heo Young Saeng, Five dolls, Jaebum, F(x), 4minute, Kim Tae Woo, Sistar19, After School, Im Jeong Hee, Eru, December, A-pink, Untouchable, Norazo, Seo yeong un, B1A4, Block B, Soul Dive, Kim Keu rim, TOUCH. (Photo credits: KBS 'Music Bank' TV capture)

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Translation: 바보Vic

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