Friday, November 4, 2011

Mnet Live 2011 in Malaysia

assalamualaikum and hello!annyeong all :)

read the title above,,,

and the reaction is.........

+what?is it true?+
+oh yeah?i love it+
+wahawah!!i want to go+
+ i can't believe this,,yes!+
+ahh!i can't go+
+ohh,so pity that i can attend this +


Mnet Live 2011 in Malaysia

date:Saturday(3 December 2011)
venue: MBPJ stadium
artist Miss A , f(x) , B1A4 , Super Junior

and this is Mnet Concert Seating Layout

s0,,what are you waiting for??
rock the concert!
to Miss A,f(x),B1A4 and Super Junior's fans!
let's make it awesome :DDD

P/S: it's so sad that i can't go there :')
i'm on exam period that time..
for SPM candidates!let's pray for our success! :)

more info :

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