Saturday, August 27, 2011

10,000 fans cheer on their idols at the 3rd ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’

On August 27th, MBC’s third ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘ kicked off at the Jamshil Stadium amidst the roar of 10,000 fans.

Hundreds of idols gathered to compete against one another in numerous athletic activities. The program was led by anchorman Oh Sang Jin, Kim Je Dong, Yoon Yeo Choon, and Boom. The opening event began with Mighty Mouth’s Shorry, who parodied the ‘hoop boy’ from the ‘88 Seoul Olympics; this was then followed by Boom Academy’s parody of Stevie Wonder.

The male 100m preliminary race was the first athletics event of the day. 10,000 fans roared in support ofSuper Junior, INFINITE, Dalmatian, B1A4, ZE:A, Mighty Mouth, MBLAQ, SHINee, TEEN TOP, Hwanhee, gagman Kim Kyung Jin, David Oh, Baek Chung Gang and many others.

The event reported a few injuries here and there, but nothing that the boys couldn’t handle.

After the male match, the women lined up for their own preliminary match, including T-ara, miss A, Rania, SISTAR, A Pink, 5dolls, Rainbow, Dal Shabet, Jewelry, and Nine Muses.

Source + Photos: Seoul NTN via Nate
credit to allkpop

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