Monday, August 29, 2011


yesterday was Inkigayo stage and as we know it was a goodbye stage for kim heechul because he will join the army this september ~
can you guys see the tears of Super Junior when they performed?
ahhh~i'm gonna cry now

LEETEUK::thank you to heeecul for becoming one of the member of super junior..we love you

HEECHUL::today was my last perfomance..first of all,the people i want to thank you the most are our Super Junior members.i really thank you to my dongsaeng who always follow hyung,and also my friends our Jungsoo.despite the hard times,thank you for smiling our manager hyungs and staffs,thank you for enduring my bad temper(then talking bout names from Inkigayo Staff) lastly i thank all our fanz and i cannot express my feeling that well...i will come back!! stay healthy..

even my evil kyu was crying to0~ :'(

Super Junior is One family...

last goodbye from Kim Heecchul...

gonna miss you so much
we will waiting for your comeback
stay healthy oppa!

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