Friday, September 16, 2011

Adi Putra,the math genius Malay boy

Child genius Adi Putra Abdul Ghani, 12, a mathematician whose ambition is to become Professor in mathematics learnt the multiplication table in a week when he was just three-and-a-half year's old;he's created 235 new formulas to date,12 of which have been published in his  first book titled "Seni Matematik Islam" and, he mastered algebra when he was six.

But Mathematics isn't the only thing this boy wonder is good at.He also speaks eight languages.*shock+proud*
At the age of eight,started studying for his GCE A' Levels.He abandoned that when the governing board told him he would be too young to be recognised for his achievement,even if he did past the exams-they are actually taken by 18-year-old.

Adi : On math, I want people to think of math like art-easy,fun and fast.When I look at a problem,I can see a path to the solution.It may not be the same formula that is taught in schools,but that is the best thing about math;
It's all about how you get to the answer

Adi : I want to be the ruler of the worldo I can declare world peace! There are just too many people dying,I would build a satellite with a password that can't be hacked so that we can all use it to communicate.

(Seni Matematik Islam)
Adi : I took a month to write the book. The mathematics formulas that I have created are easy to understand, both for kids and adults. When everyone knows the easy way to learn mathematics, they will become interested and later become proficient.

Adi Putra, an expert in Algebra, Trigonometry and Indices that even teachers were said to refer to him when faced with mathematical problems, has received numerous awards like Mathematics icon from Jabatan Matematik Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia 2006, Tokoh Matematik Islam this century from Universiti Riau, Indonesia in 2009.

p/s : again,,i'm proud to be malaysian !! :) 

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