Thursday, June 16, 2011

B1A4 is a group of "countryside-dols"

Recently, the K-pop music industry has seen many groups whose members are not originally from Korea. "Global-dols", which includes f(x)'s Victoria and Amber, is an abbreviation for "global idols". Their ever-growing presence in the K-pop world indicates the tendency of K-pop towards the international scale.

Members of idol groups typically do not hail from the countryside. All of the boys in B1A4, however, do. Quickly gaining attention for their charm and friendliness, the boys have earned the nickname "countryside-dols".

The boys have stated, "Although we don't have members who are fluent in foreign languages, we are fluent in various Korean dialects." While their looks are polished, the members' everyday conversations reveal their original dialects. "If you listen to the members converse, we sometimes express the same words in different forms according to where we're from. We call it the 'dialect game.' We play it on the way to the way to our schedules or in the waiting room. It's a pity that we only play it since it's fun."

They continued, "If we have the chance, we hope to show it to others," revealing their pride in their hometowns and their status as "countryside-dols".

CNU and leader Jinyoung come from Chungbuk Chungju, Sandeul is from Gyeongnam Busan, and Gongchan and Baro were originally from Jeollam Gwangju. They were empowered by the warm welcomes given by their hometowns even through their tiring schedules. Company representatives expressed their gratitude for the fans who "greet the members more enthusiastically whenever B1A4 visits their hometowns," since the boys had left their hometowns to live in the dormitory. "Ever since they were trainees, it has been difficult for them, as they miss their parents and friends. But we are proud to see how they each beared with it and worked toward the bigger dream in their hearts."

Source: TV Daily and FLIGHTB1A4

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