Thursday, June 16, 2011

Block B opens their official Facebook page!

Rookie group Block B just recently opened up an official Facebook page for their fans to follow, asBrand New Stardom & Cho PD’s Twitter accounts both confirmed the authenticity of the page.


Block B’s Official Facebook

Cho PD’s Official Facebook


Cho PD has been using the account somewhat actively so far, as he’s updated the page with a bunch of videos already.

I would expect more of the same going forward, since Brand New Stardom has been extremely forthright in their efforts to connect with fans, as evidenced already by their Tumblr account, Twitter account, and putting their e-mail, address, and phone information directly on their Twitter page.

All the fans should definitely check it out!

Source: Brand New Stardom’s Twitter, Cho PD’s Twitter & Block B’s Facebook

credit to ALLKPOP

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