Thursday, June 16, 2011

Block B and B1A4 to star in new MTV show "Match Up"

It has recently been revealed that MTV will be launching a new idol reality show called “Match Up” on June 22nd. “Match Up” will be a reality program that features the rookie idol groups Block B and B1A4, two groups that have been receiving a lot of attention since their debut. It has been announced that the series will have an estimate of eight episodes. It will feature both groups at their music video shoots, practices for music program schedules, and their performances. In addition, the boys will have to complete various missions. Viewers will also get a peek into the daily lives of the two rookie groups.

Block B, who is currently hosting another reality show of their own on MTV, originally caught the attention of fans because they wereproduced by the hip-hop artist Cho PD. They entered the scene with their single, “Wanna B,” and released a music video for “Don’t Stop”. They gained further attention through their skills in writing, composing, and producing; it was said that as trainees, they were expected to write over 100 songs by themselves. Cho PD has also claimed that he didn’t edit any of their debut songs. They will be making their comeback on June 23rdwith a new album, music video, and CF.

B1A4 debuted in April with their mini-album, “Let’s Fly,” and title song, “OK.” The group gained immense popularity even before their debut, through their unique introduction of the members, Jinyoung, Baro, Gongchan, Sandeul, andCNU. Their growing popularity was further displayed after the release of the MV teaser for their title song which caused their homepage’s server to crash. After their debut, they caught the attention of the world with their “flower boy” image and boys-next-door concept, garnering B1A4 many “noona fans.”

Are you looking forward to watching the new series? What kind of information do you think the series will reveal about Block B and B1A4?

Source: FlightB1A4 and Osen News

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