Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why did 4minute's Kwon Sohyun treat her highschool friends to snacks in return?

Kwon Sohyun, who made her comeback to the music scene along with 4minute, treated some of her friends from Pungmoon's Girl's Highschool to snacks in return. The reason is simple. She wanted to thank all of them for having bought 4minute's new album. Kwon Sohyun is currently a sophomore in Pungmoon's Girls Highschool.

One of her friends communicated "A while ago, Sohyun treated a group of friends to snacks at her expense" and "Even though it didn't cost a lot, because they are friends she really likes, she woke up at dawn and personally bought all the snacks and offered them to her friends".

When Sohyun's friends heard of the news of 4minute's comeback, they all agreed on buying their new album to support 4minute. Sohyun, who was touched, returned the favor with gifts, to thank them for their attention.

The same friend said "When 4minute doesn't have any particular scheduled activity, she doesn't skip school but attend it" and "She has always had a bubbly personality so she gets along well with her friends".

In the meantime, 4minute had their comeback on music shows with the title track 'Mirror, Mirror' and is currently fiercely competing with Big Bang, who also made their comeback last week, for the first spot on online music charts.

Source : Newsen via NATE
Translating & editing : Meeli
Special thanks to kaori for finding

p/s:ahhh~she's really a good girl~i wanna be ahighschool friend too~~

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