Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[News] IU, TVXQ, 4Minute, CNBlue and other idols to appear on MBC '1004 Marathon' celebration show

In light of the "Disability Awareness Day" in April, MBC is celebrating its 50th anniversary by hosting its '1004 relay hope marathon' as an opportunity to raise awareness among the non-disabled about disabled people and to convey a message of hope to Korea's 2 million disabled people, by providing a stage where the disabled and non-disabled can work together in harmony.

A welcome ceremony will be held at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul upon the arrival of the athletes. At 7:30PM KST, many singers and disabled performers will open the stage for MBC's 50th anniversary special '1004 marathon' celebration show, 'Sharing Hope, Giving Love', to spread the message of hope to everyone.

At this concert, MBC's announcer, Oh Sang Jin, and talent Park Jin Hee will meet everyone, together with Kim Jang Hoon, Jang Su Ra, TVXQ, CN BLUE, K. Will, Lee Hyun, Yangpa, 4Minute, IU, Sin Mun Hee, Lee Sang Jae clarinist (visually impaired), as well as other great singer idols and disabled performers who will be participating.

Also, on this day, Park Ma Lu a disabled singer who has polio will perform "Heaven's Daughter" for the opening stage, IU will perform "A Goose's Dream" with the Sign Language Club and Lee Sang Jae professor will be giving a clarinet performance.

This show will be broadcasted on April 20th at 2:40PM KST.

(Note: Details about the marathon and attending the event were left out of this translation)

Translation: squishyblob @ WeHeartIU
Source: Unionpress
Original article: http://www.unionpres...thread=03r02r01

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