Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LeeTeuk Proclaims Himself Jealous of ' EunSiHae'

Super Junior's LeeTeuk unleashed his fury and proclaimed himself jealous after seeng the tweets of his Super Junior dongsaeng's , showing of their brand new mobile phones , which was a gift from the thoughtful Siwon to fellow members Eunhyuk & Donghae

As many of you know , these three were born in the year 1986 ,thus they have a rather special bond , whic is separate and unique compared to the rest of the other friendships that they have formed together with the other members within their group.

In addition to that , they also call himselfs ' EunSiHae ' and recently posed together side by side , while flaunting their look alike mobile phones , for everyone to see

The envious LeeTeuk who then saw this , tweeted to the mighty triumvirate by earnestly asking '' What about me...''

which crakecd up many of his fans and follower alike who saw his tweet.After a little while ,seeing that his plea wasn't answered,he finaly said ''Me too...give me...anything...or I'll get pissed off..''showing his dismay in a rather funny way.

Source:special1004 @ twitter

Translated:pastakyu @ sj-world

Written by: eren @ kpoplive

Posted by : EastSea @ facebook

p/s:hehehee~eunsihae~can u give me one???teukiiee ahh~kuan chan naa!i dont have it too*heheheee~XD

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