Monday, May 30, 2011

Fans celebrate Khuntoria couple’s 1 year anniversary

Fans put up a bus ad to celebrate Khuntoria couple’s 1 year anniversary.

The couple’s Chinese fan club wrote on the 31st, “Khuntoria couple’s 1 year anniversary bus ad will run in Seoul for one month.”

This “We Got Married” couple surely has a lot of fans. A year ago, the two got together for the first time at the 63 Building and already, it’s been a year. When Nichkhun was going to the building, he took a bus and a picture of his wife, Victoria, was on the back of the bus. In memory of this funny event, the fans decided to utilize the bus to celebrate their anniversary.

Fans wrote, “I hope more people will pay attention to the couple through this ad.”

The bus has a picture of them and a message written in Thai, Chinese and Korean.

Source: Money Today via Nate News

credit to allkpop

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