Friday, May 13, 2011

Has SNSD’s Yuri’s ‘perfect’ diet gone wrong or right?

SNSD’s ‘black pearl’ Yuri succeeded in her diet plans and recently revealed her new svelte form.

Several pictures and fancams capturing Yuri’s significant weight loss have been floating around on an online community site, worrying her fans.

Even last year, Yuri still had her signature glamorous body and chubby cheeks.

However, in recent sightings, Yuri was seen with a prominent V-line and virtually no fat on her cheeks. Her drastic transformation has shocked some fans, as some thought it was for the better while others felt that it was for the worse.

Netizens said, “I didn’t know you lost weight but you seemed to have lost a lot after seeing your old photos”, “You were pretty before and now you’re even prettier”, and “How did you lose all that weight?

What do you guys think of her diet and her new look?

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