Sunday, April 24, 2011

Park Bom cries to Teddy over the phone

The morning of the 21st, Park Bom released her solo track, “Don’t Cry“, as her second digital single, and almost instantly thereafter, the song swept major online music charts, thus allowing Bom to achieve her second ‘all kill’.

YG representatives explained today through a telephone call with OSEN, “Park Bom’s song was released online, and at around 1AM, she called Teddy, who produced the song, and burst into tears. The moment Park Bom had started crying, Teddy knew something was going on and took the call while surprised and nervous.”

They added, “It appears that when she had saw that her song placed #1 on various sites, Park Bom wanted to thank Teddy. Also, as the first ‘runner’ in 2NE1’s comeback, she was simultaneously overwhelmed by pressure and relief, and that’s why she started crying. She was probably very worried about having to kick off 2NE1’s comeback with her solo song.”

Park Bom is currently dominating the music charts, with a so-called ‘through-the-roof’ force. Since the moment it was released, she swept the #1 spot not only on Melon, but also on Dosirak, Soribada, M.NET, Bugs, Monkey3, and other representative Korean music charts to achieve the status of ‘perfect all-kill’.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment will be revealing 2NE1’s new songs every three weeks, starting with Park Bom’s solo, and utilizing a differentiated promotion system.

Source: OSEN via Nate

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