Sunday, April 24, 2011

f(x)’s Sulli’s height bests Jo Kwon & Kikwang on “Inkigayo”

On April 24th, SBS’s Inkigayo held a live broadcast special of the “Super Concert Wonderful Jeju” at the Hanra Gymnasium with the show’s four MCs.

Throughout the show, viewers hilariously pointed out the subtle height difference between f(x)’s ‘giant baby’, Sulli, and her two male co-MCs, Jo Kwon and Kikwang.

Viewers are now wondering what Sulli’s real height is, especially since Kikwang previously admitted his height to be 170 cm, while Jo Kwon’s profile states that he is 175 cm.

Although she was wearing kill heels for the show, viewers nevertheless showed much interest in her tall height.

Source: Sports Today via Nate

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