Thursday, June 2, 2011

B2ST wonders whether they chose the wrong title track

The members of B2ST have enjoyed a string of successes with their ”Fiction” comeback, but thanks to the equal popularity of their ballad track, “Rainy Days“, the boys have found themselves in an unusual predicament.

Main vocalist Yoseob commented, “We weren’t sure how people would react to ‘Rainy Days’ when we decided to release it first. It ended up getting a lot more popularity than our actual title track, ‘Fiction’. The members and I began to wonder whether we chose the wrong title track.”

He continued, “We’re grateful that people are taking an interest in our album. We’ve always worked hard for our albums, but especially more for this one since it’s our first full-length work. We definitely wanted to live up to the expectations of our fans.”

Concluding with his thoughts on their comeback, Yoseob said, “I’m glad that it’s finally out. I feel like every album leading up to this point were just preparations for “Fiction and Fact”. We promise to work hard in order to show a better image of ourselves.”

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

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