Friday, March 25, 2011

[NEWS] Shindong’s Shocking Confession “Actually, I’m Not Close With Donghae”

Super Junior’s Shindong made a confession on his awkward relationship with Donghae despite being fellow members for 6 years.

As a MC in MBC Super Junior’s Foresight, Shindong mentioned during the talk that, although he never had arguments with many of the members, but the weird thing is, there is a member who he has an awkward relationship with and that member is Donghae.

Being it a fact that Super Junior, which has been living together for 6 years, is a group that is more powerful and proud of themselves than any other groups else, Shindong’s confession had dealt a blow to everyone (at the studio). Not to mention spending time alone with one another, Shindong and Donghae had not even once, dine together with each other.

After which (,) Shindong recorded a short video message for Donghae “We must dine together someday” which led the studio in becoming a laughing sea.

Other than this, Eunhyuk who is a MC in Super Junior’s Foresight chose Kim Heechul as the member who is the hardest to talk to when he’s alone. Eunhyuk and Kim Heechul only dined together once but because it was too awkward, they didn’t talk (to each other) at all throughout the dinner. He then re-enacted the scene out, making the members burst out into laughter.

Source: BNT News
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