Saturday, March 12, 2011

G.NA was taken to the emergency room for a knee injury..om0..unnie~

Singer G.NA was taken to the emergency room for a knee injury.

On March 11th, G.NA fell while heading for the stage of KBS’s “Music Bank“. It’s said that the star had tripped and landed on her knee.

G.NA underwent acupuncture, and returned to the staff despite her staff’s concerns; reportedly, she repeatedly iterated, “I have to complete my schedule.“ Originally, she was set to stand for her performance, but due to the pain in her knee, she sang her songI Miss You Already” sitting in a chair. Right after the live broadcast, G.NA was immediately taken to the emergency room to receive a complete medical examination.

On March 12th, a Cube Entertainment representative revealed, “Although there is no problems with her bones, she may have pulled a ligament and so we must wait for further details. While she is doing activities for a ballad track, we plan to lessen her movement as much as possible.“ Representatives have further stated that if the injury develops, they plan to adjust her activities.

Since she had already pre-recorded her performance for MBC’s “Music Core“, her next live appearance will be on the 13th through SBS’s “Inkigayo“.

*get well soon unnie..saranghae~

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