Thursday, April 21, 2011

[News] f(x)'s Victoria is 100% real in ''We Got Married''?

f(x)’s members claim that Victoria is displaying her real personality in MBC’s “We Got Married”.

f(x) recently stated in OSEN’s interview that they “laughed a lot” as they viewed “We Got Married” because “Victoria’s real personality was showing through”. Luna added that “she especially likes to cook and her usual cute personality is displayed”.

Victoria said that she is “Enjoying the popularity of the show ‘We Got Married’ and that the ladies in the supermarket acknowledge me from the show. I am surprised young students don’t recognize me while older people do”.

She added “It was an entertainment program I wanted to try out, and I learned a lot from it. I think I performed well”.

Victoria is currently playing the role of Nick Koon’s wife in “We Got Married”, and her unique speech and cute personality that is displayed is gaining a lot of popularity.

Source Via : News Naver
Credits: askactor

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