Thursday, April 14, 2011

[News] Male Idols vs Male Actors Look-A-Likes

On a recent portal site bulletin, a netizen put together a collection of photos comparing popular idol singers to idol actors! When seen from a glance, they might seem like brothers, but look closer, they seem like total strangers! Can you tell their similarities?

Seen in the photo above, CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa and Jung Kyungho are seen having similar facial expressions. 2AM member Im Seulong and Ki Tae Young were compared for their bright smiles and attractive eye smiles. The most popular comparisons would have to be T.O.P and Juwan with their alike eye brow shape, next to MBLAQ Lee Joon and Jung Gyeowoon for having similar mouth shapes!

Other comparisons such as F.T. Island member Lee Hongki and Jang Geunsuk received praises for looking very brotherly. Park Yoochun and Yeon Jung Hoon were scouted for their similaries as Jung Hoon could pass as Yoochun's father. Lastly, Onew's adorable wink expression was almost parallel to Song Joonki's expression with their round cheeks and lip shape.
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