Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Go Woori reveals that her aunt has Down’s syndrome

On the most recent episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart”, Rainbow’s Go Woori shared a very personal story about her aunt.

She confessed, “Certainly, making Rainbow successful is a goal for me, but if I had just one goal in life, it would ultimately be to live life helping many people. It all started with my family. I thought a lot about revealing this, but… my youngest aunt has Down’s syndrome. While the physical appearance is a bit different from what we consider ‘normal’, her mentality is also that of a seven to twelve-year-old. When I was very young, it wasn’t much of a problem, but it became one as I grew older. My friends would make fun of her and bother her. As a young child, I was easily affected by this. I really disliked her. I even bothered her without my parents’ knowledge.”

Then, she moved to a new neighborhood and made new friends. One day, Woori went to the playground with her friends, where she encountered her aunt.

Woori explained, “One day, my friends were passing the playground where my aunt was playing by herself. My friends said we should check it out because there was a weird person there. I was worried that she might be surprised to see us, but as soon as she saw me, she smiled very brightly and called my name. At that moment, I got angry. I knew I shouldn’t have said these kinds of things, but I told her, ‘I wish you would go away. Why do you live with me and do this to me?’ Feeling guilty, I ran home and cried.

I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up at night, it was total chaos outside. My aunt had really disappeared. Because I was afraid of being punished by my parents, I didn’t say a word. At dawn, we were contacted by someone from far away, so we went there and I discovered that my aunt had really gone away, carrying a quilt with her belongings. My mom hadn’t said anything then, but I knew she was having a hard time. She blew up at my aunt, asking her why she made her suffer.

At that moment, my eyes met my aunt’s and she started to cry.

Then she said, ‘Go Woori, I’m sorry’. I had always bothered her, thinking she didn’t understand anything, but she had known everything. My heart really ached.”

At this point, Go Woori began to cry.

She continued, “So after that incident, I never showed any embarrassment and openly introduced my friends to my aunt. That is how I made good friends.”

Go Woori left a message through the program for her aunt, who is currently at the hospital:

“Aunt, I’m really sorry that I can’t visit you these days because I am so busy. You know that I always miss you, right? I’ll buy ice cream and visit you when I can. I love you.”

Source: Nate

*almost crying!!woori unnie :))

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