Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MBLAQ’s debut event in Japan gathers 10,000 fans, “Your Luv” achieves #2 on Oricon

Via tokyohive:

5 member K-POP dance group, MBLAQ held a special event on May 3rd to celebrate the release of their Japanese debut single, “Your Luv.” The event was held at Kanagawa Lazona Kawasaki Plaza and approximately 10,000 fans gathered to see the boys live.

MBLAQ member Mir, whom recently received surgery on his lower back was also in attendance for this event after taking a break of 1 month to recover from his injury.

At the event, MBLAQ performed their debut single in Korea titled “Oh Yeah” in addition to their Japanese debut single “Your Luv” and “Daijoubu.”

At the event, their single reportedly sold over 4000 copies. G.O commented, “We would love to become #1 on the Oricon ranking chart.”

G.O’s hopes almost came true as “Your Luv” came in at second on the May 4th Oricon Daily chart by selling 9,648 copies.

Source(s): Oricon 1, Oricon 2

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