Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kim Bum gains 2.5 million friends on Facebook in 10 days

On April 18th, actor Kim Bum created his own Facebook page. According to his agency King Kong Entertainment on April 28th, Kim Bum has gained over 2.5 million friends since the creating of his fan page. Fans from all over the world, including Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, the United States, France, and 20 other countries have liked his page.

Within 10 days, Kim Bum has taken 5th place in the top ranking pages on Facebook with Jackie Chan, Ashton Kutcher, Lee Minho, and Taraji Penda Henson taking first thru fourth place in order.

Kim Bum is mostly known for his role on "Boys Over Flowers" as So Yi Yeong. Kim Bum said, "I opened my official Facebook account in order to stay in touch with my fans worldwide. I will update the account with fun and recent news about myself."

An official from King Kong Entertainment said, ""We were amazed to see that Kim has attracted over two million friends on Facebook in just few days after it was created. We feel that his popularity has increased after he promoted his dramas 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Still, Marry Me.'"

Are you one of the million of fans that have liked his page? If not, check it out at

The current count of fans that have liked the page is 2,598,242.

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