Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Key thanks fans for their messages on SHINee’s third anniversary

On May 25th, SHINee’s Key sent a mass text to his fans through UFO Town and thanked them for congratulating the group’s third anniversary.

He wrote, “It’s already been three years! Time flies so fast~ haha! Thanks to all of your support, we’ve been able to reach where we are now. This is just the beginning for us~ Let’s create many more happy days together! I love you.”

Fans said, “100th anniversary GOGO! We’ll support you forever”, “You guys were so young when you debuted, now you’ve all grown into men”, and “Congratulations on your anniversary! Time does fly fast.”

The boys are currently awaiting the release of their Japanese single album, “Replay“, on June 22nd, with the full PV (special guest: SNSD’s Yoona) set to drop first on May 27th.

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Nate

credit to allkpop

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