Monday, April 18, 2011

Song Joong Ki and Sunny experience love at first sight?

This week’s episode of SBS’s “Running Man” had the members jumping up and down, as the guests were none other than SNSD’s Yoona and Sunny.

Usually, the castmates have to hunt for the guests, but this time, the tables were turned; Sunny and Yoona had to hunt for the members and stamp their name plates attached to their backs. Yoona and Sunny surprised the other members by going beast-mode, ravaging through the list one by one until they completed the mission.

Sunny was the one who got Song Joong Ki out and did so by hugging him hard, managing to get a hold of his name plate. After the mission was finished, he stated, “I was shocked. When I got closer to her, she didn’t run away and just hugged me without showing me her face.” Sunny replied by stating,“It’s because I am a huge fan.” The two became awkward with each other afterwards, which made the other members jokingly say, “Guys, just date!”, making them turn bright-red.

For the second mission, the members and the guests had to pick teams, which brought back the love-line between the two.

When Yoona asked the others to close their eyes and raise their hands up if they wanted to be on her team, Song Joong Ki didn’t do so. Sunny, wanting to make sure, said to him, “You didn’t raise your hands, right?”

The two ended up being on the same team and got closer, with Sunny even showing him her “3 Aegyo Combo Set”.

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