Saturday, April 30, 2011

kyuhyun is still not well~oppa..:(

KyuHyun who had faced an accident last month is still not completely well. Since SJ has arrived in Taiwan people can see him weary and stressed. He wore sunglasses to hide his swallen eyes in Kpop wave. Worst of all, when Suju arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport KyuHyun couldn’t walk by himself. Instead Zhoumi and a guard help him in walk. It’s too obvious that he is, because Zhoumi’s helping him walk. His manager asked if he’s okay, “I’m okay” he replied. Now fans are trending #GetwellsoonKyu on Twitter.
“[INFO] Kyuhyun is sick right now. Siwon said his condition was really not good, needs someone to hold him when he walks. #getwellsoonkyu”
via: @NemoHaeBiased
Here are some pictures of Kyu when they were on Airport.

KyuHyun looks so lean in all these pictures, it is evident that he is not fine. We pray that KyuHyun will Get well soon……!!
pic source: SJ-M official web.

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