Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How are girl groups related to different nations?

On April 18th, a topic on an online community titled “Comparing girl groups’ nation” has garnered considerable attention. Inside the topic are pictures of SNSD, T-ara and other girl groups with a country’s flag next to them in relation to their situation.

This netizen started out by putting SNSD with the American flag, the reason being “the strongest in the world right now.” He continued to mention that “KARA could have rivaled SNSD at one point, but they had internal issues.” As a result, KARA is placed next to a picture of the Russian flag, since at one time America and Russia had the most power in the world.

Since Wonder Girls have expanded into oversea nations such as America, this netizen placed them next to a flag of the United Kingdom because it is “a country unbeaten by the ocean,” referring to Britain’s past oversea expansions and spreading english (hook song) to the world.

4minute is known for their sexy performances, and the group is placed next to Brazil for the famous Samba dance.

Due to problems in the past, T-ara has been placed next to the Japanese flag because Japan’s “problems in the past have not been acknowledged,” which drew laughter among netizens.

2NE1 is compared to China because “China is a developing nation that can rival America [SNSD].

f(x) is compared to Canada because it is still economically dependant on America, miss A is compared to Spain because they are passionate and have a mix of different races, Brown Eyed Girls compared to France who has experienced the revolution at home and abroad (internally and externally) whileSECRET is compared to Italy due to the big gap between rich (big boobs) and poor (small boobs).

Finally After School is next to the Indian flag because “India has the the greatest population and economical growth.

After reading the descriptions, other netizens commented, “The person who made this is very smart”,and “Looking past the jokes, the comparisons are appropriate.

Source: TV Daily via Nate, Indiafiber@6Theory forums

credit to allkpop

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